Bogus immigration officials have been making chilling threats at Leicester citizens in a bid to extort money.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, has informed LeicestershireLive that a caller claiming to be from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) said that unless she paid up, she could be deported – with a shoot-on-sight order issued.

When extending a legitimate visa, the resident expects a reaction from the Home Office when the scammer contacts them.

Before getting the visa, she received a cellphone call from a non-public number in which the caller introduced himself as a UV officer.

She stated, “I got a call from a private range, and the character introduced himself as ‘Robert’, announcing that he was a UKVI officer.


“He requested my passport details, and once I refused to disclose any, he threatened me, announcing that my plea for visa request was canceled and that I was staying within the UK illegally.

“He stated that immediately deporting orders were issued towards me, and if I hung up, they might levy shoot-at-sight orders.”

As she had heard about a comparable cellphone name to her friend just a few days ago, she changed to preserving her calm and no longer succumbing to stress.

This isn’t a new phenomenon for Indian nationals coming to the United Kingdom with work, study, or partner visas.

Chethan Bharatha Prahalad, a scholar at De Montfort University, obtained similar calls three times in six months. Finally, the caller asked him to pay £10,000 to avoid deportation.

“I acquired such calls three times. Once they requested £five 000, the quantity later became £10,000.

“My pals already warned me that such calls do happen, so I spoke back to them, pronouncing, ‘Pass in advance and do something you want to do.’

“I even received an email saying there have been troubles with my visa, and I need to publish my passport, so I deleted it,” said the fashion designer.

NHS consultant Madhusree Mitra Ghosh, from Stoneygate in Leicester, was given a similar smartphone name. She said she became worried about fraudulent activities, which could possibly lead to her imprisonment. She had to pay if she wanted to get out of the mess.

“I recognize thoroughly that HMRC or visa places of work do not call. Thus, I ignored and blocked the number,” she stated.

The Home Office says it is aware of such incidents and attempts to make people aware of the scam.

A Home Office spokesperson stated: “Unfortunately, we are aware that a small range of overseas nationals is targeted via fraudsters claiming to be worried about their visa procedure.

“Anyone suspecting that they’ve been contacted fraudulently must record this to the police or Action Fraud.

“The Home Office will never ask for cash over the cellphone and only uses legitimate, cozy charge offerings.

“Visa candidates are welcome to contact the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration Helpline to speak about their application and verify any correspondence or smartphone calls they have obtained.

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