Dubai: Manila’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has warned Filipinos against taking bogus tasks to Dubai, Turkey, and European cities, which traffickers use to trap sufferers to work as maids in Iraq.

In an advisory, the DFA warned that the trafficking community is operating in Pampanga, Pasay City, and using Dubai as a springboard to Iraq. The warning was issued after eight extra trafficking victims were secured using the Philippine Embassy in Baghdad last month and flown lower back to the Philippines.

Filipinos warned against falling prey to fake process gives to Dubai 1

Based on reputable statements amassed using the DFA from trafficking sufferers from July 2018 to March 2019, illegal recruiters generally offer jobs in Dubai, Turkey, or European cities, promising applicants that their visas will be to be had for these cities for the duration of their transit in Iraq.

Earlier this year, a trafficking victim detained at Basra Prison become at the end launched for deportation, but handiest after three months of detention for visa violations. She came to Iraq, and the use of a Kurdistan Goes to visa changed to invalid for her life in Basra in July 2018.

Filipinos who’re living, running, or visiting in Iraq are counseled to observe that their Kurdistan visas will not be legitimate in Baghdad, Basra, or different provinces in Iraq outside of the Kurdistan provinces of Erbil, Duhok, and Sulaymaniyah.

Those who violate visa rules are meted with imprisonment and hefty penalties.

The Philippine government currently has a deployment ban for Filipinos considered ‘new hires’ to Iraq. Officials recommended Filipinos who want to work abroad first look at job gives with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration to understand if they may be legitimate offers.
Below are the early warning signs of fraud/trafficking:

Applicants are not provided copies of their visas to the supposed vacation spot
Vague facts regarding the nature and situations of the work offered by way of the recruitment company
Applicants aren’t on top of things in their identification files, including IDs or passports, and are advised to claim to authorities that they are just a traveler journeying a selected town. The agency recruiting them has no permanent deal with them, and their agents do now not screen their full names and make contact with details; applicants are cautioned to pick specific immigration lanes at some stage in a departure from the Philippines. Victims are advised that there’s no Philippine Embassy in Iraq, and candidates must coordinate with particular individuals in case of emergencies.

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