Two of the maximum used terms in tour vocabulary are ‘passport,’ and ‘visa.’ For traveling outside your us of a passport is a necessary file. Every yr, every USA sees its passport ranked consistent with its electricity. Basically, how many nations you need to reap a visa to travel to on a sure passport.

In 2018, for instance, the Indian passport was ranked at 66th position, with Singapore citizens holding the maximum powerful passport inside the international.

What is the distinction among passport and visa? 1

This 12 months, Indian passport holders can travel without a visa to 25 countries. Forty-one international locations provide Indian passport holders visa on arrival, at the same time as 132 international locations require Indians to journey with a pre-arrival visa.

The passport is a report that the countrywide government problems to a citizen of the country. The passport is a report of identification and carries a person’s call, date of birth, gender, cope with, and region of start. The purpose of a passport is to pick out the holder of the file. For Indians, the military blue regular passport desires to be renewed every 10 years.


A visa is authentic permission that a certain country wishes to grant a passport holder of some other united states of America earlier than their former u. S. A. A visa is a brief authorization for a passport holder to travel to a country aside from the only she or he holds a passport of.

The visa is normally stamped on a passport; however, it could be a separate file at times.


The Indian authorities trouble 3 forms of passports to Indian citizens.

1. Ordinary passport: An ordinary passport is army blue in color and is issued for everyday travel or business journeys.

2. Diplomatic passport: The cover of a diplomatic passport is maroon in color. It is issued only to Indian diplomats, diplomatic couriers, or pinnacle-ranking authorities officers.

Three. Official passport: Apart from the navy blue and maroon passports, the Indian authorities also problems a white-cover passport to those representing the Indian government on the respectable enterprise.


The Indian government also planned to introduce orange passports earlier this 12 months but had to drop the plan after intense criticism from various quarters. The orange passports have been to be issued to Indians who wished an Emigration Check. The plan became to facilitate the system of assessments at airports; however, a number of the complaints orange-jacket passports acquired became that it would cause discrimination of those who preserve it.

The orange passport changed into to be issued to those who’ve not handed their Class 10 examination.

Apart from this, if an Indian touring overseas loses his or her passport in another country, the Indian Embassy within u. S. Usually grants an Emergency Certificate with which the person can tour again to India.


There are some primary varieties of visas that every u. S. Offers its visitors, but the unique categories of visas vary from nation to state. The extensive classes of visas are subsequent.

1. Tourist visa: A united states of America presents a vacationer visa to a vacationer for touristic tour functions.

2. Transit visa: A transit visa is issued to a person if he or she is touring thru a sure united States of America and no longer staying there. A transit visa is generally legitimate for five days or less (relies upon the united states that serve as a transit factor). It is granted if someone is passing through a second us of to reach the third destination.

3. Business visa: Businessmen who wish to journey to a country for industrial activities are granted a business visa.

4. Temporary employee visa: This visa class is for employees who are briefly employed in another country.

5. Student visa: As the call says, a student visa is for students who visit another country.