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Air Nam suspends Lagos-Accra path 2019-05-24
through Arlana Shikongo

Photo: Air Namibia

AIR Namibia has indefinitely suspended servicing its Windhoek-Lagos-Accra path from Friday, following an apparent ban on issuing visas to Namibian passport holders visiting Nigeria.

Air Nam suspends Lagos-Accra direction 1

In an announcement issued through the airline on Friday, the route launched in June 2018 is said to have skilled a drop in patronage after the Nigerian excessive fee in Namibia stopped issuing visas in February this yr.

The assertion similarly stated rumors have been rife in Nigeria that Namibia is “anti-Nigeria,” and Nigerian visitors have allegedly been counseled to keep away from traveling Namibia and using Windhoek as a transit point journeying to South Africa.

Acting popular manager of commercial offerings, Wimpie van Vuuren, believes the ban can be related to allegations that Nigerians are unwell-treated via Namibian immigration officers at the airport.

Air Namibia’s supervisor of company communications, Paul Nakawa, corroborated the existence of the rumors.

“This fact is rife in Nigeria,” he said. “We have proof of it. People have applied to Nigeria, and no one has been issued a visa.”

The Namibian has reported that the Namibian excessive fee in Nigeria in partnership with Air Namibia opened a visa-processing table at Lagos in April. Nakawa said deliberations on postponing the course began earlier this 12 months.

Air Namibia says they have consulted diverse stakeholders to mitigate the diplomatic standoff, but their efforts proved futile.

Nakawa said servicing the course can be suspended indefinitely to diminish associated protection, non-compliance, and industrial dangers.

He introduced that affected passengers will be accommodated on flights through associate airways at Air Namibia’s price or through money back.

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