Europe is stressed to review its border controls after it emerged that a person sanctioned over his alleged role in Russia’s biggest-ever tax fraud had visited member states more than 70 instances in the past four years.

The case embroiled the cutting-edge gold standard of the Caribbean island of Nevis, raising sparking worries about the golden passports alternate. Countries inside the Caribbean – such as St Kitts and Nevis – are supplying citizenship for cash to individuals searching for clean get admission to EU member states. Their passports, which confer visa-loose tours to the EU for up to ninety days, are famous with people looking to skirt tour regulations.

MEPs have written to the European Commission president calling for a motion after it emerged that Andrei Pavlov, considered one of 32 people named on a proposed blocklist through the European Parliament in April 2014 for their alleged involvement within the Magnitsky scandal, inquired about shopping for a St Kitts passport and has been making common journeys to the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.


The Moscow-primarily based attorney claims to have played a relevant position in the robbery of $230m (£182m) from the town’s tax office. A subsequent cowl-up concerned the imprisonment, torture, and killing of the whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky. Pavlov denies all wrongdoing.

On 2 April 2014, he became named using MEPs. Although by no means applied across Europe, the blocklist has been enforced with the aid of man or woman nations. America sanctioned Pavlov in December 2017, and for the following 12 months, he was banned from getting into 3 EU member states: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Despite those measures, Pavlov appears to have continued traveling broadly in Europe. He also frequently visited Switzerland, which isn’t a member state. However, it is part of Europe’s border-loose Schengen place. In common, he seems to have visited Schengen nations two times a month.

Material visible via MEPs is believed to have been sourced from Russia’s border police details and Pavlov’s actions inside and outside his home. S. because of January 2015.

More than 20 journeys to the EU seem to have been made after being sanctioned by the USA authorities.

Before the European Parliament named him, Pavlov took steps to purchase a Caribbean passport, according to broadly leaked emails.

Pavlov says he did not acquire a St Kitts passport and claims to have the simplest ever held citizenship of Russia and the Soviet Union.

In January 2014, an intermediary performing for Pavlov approached Mark Brantley, who turned into the time leader of the opposition in Nevis but has risen to most useful. The island is part of the nation of St Kitts and Nevis; however, it has its personnel management.

It is unclear whether Brantley, who was then on sabbatical from his company to pursue his political profession, was ever aware of the potential consumer’s identity.

By email, Brantley referred the intermediary to his law firm, Daniel Brantley & Associates, announcing: “We can assist.”

Two months later, on eleven March 2014, Pavlov contacted the firm in man or woman, explaining: “I am interested in your service in acquiring St Kitts and Nevis monetary citizenship and would like to continue.”

He stated that Pavlov wanted the passport because he became worried about litigation within the eastern Caribbean ultimate court docket and wanted to avoid visa problems while touring the vicinity. He was hoping to have the vital documentation prepared within three weeks.

“If the regulations of this system permit, I would like to apply for myself and three dependents, including my wife,” Pavlov said.

Brantley started his company and obtained an inquiry that did not lead to any paintings for the company. Furthermore, he stated there was “no proof” that Pavlov had received citizenship.

“I have by no means carried out for or granted any citizenship apart from Russian,” Pavlov stated in an emailed assertion to the Guardian. “I don’t plan to gather St Kitts and Nevis citizenship. I am not supposed to comment on whether I had those plans a year ago. After December 2017, I did not inform any expert that I could acquire any foreign citizenship.”

The MEPs Ana Gomes, a prominent campaigner against golden passports, and her colleague Marietje Schaake have raised the problem in a letter to fee president Jean-Claude Juncker, calling for instant curbs on visa waivers for St Kitts residents.