Most college graduations have taken location across the country, as have maximum excessive faculty graduation ceremonies. With Memorial Day weekend ending after Monday, the summer vacation could have formally begun for instructors, college students, and masses of parents.

Many vacations include beaches, mountains, and other touristy locations in America. But for folks who choose to tour overseas, the U.S. State Department has issued a list of nations, or even wallets inside a few countries, where they recommend Americans to now not cross until in addition note.

Where the U.S. State Department Says to Not Travel 1

This includes some states in Mexico, parts of South America, and a swath via the Middle East.

Among the Mexican states on the U.S. State Department’s ‘Do Not Travel’ listing is Tamaulipas, which sits just south of the Texas border. According to the Houston Chronicle, the superb crimes in Tamaulipas are murder, kidnapping, armed theft, sexual assault, extortion, and carjacking.

The entire us of of Mexico is not on the “Do Not Travel” listing, even though it’s far damaged into 4 degrees of tour advisory, from the lightest being “workout regular precautions” to “do the no longer journey.” The U.S. State Department launched records that assert violent crime in Mexico has spiked in the first area of 2019.

The State Department’s internet site breaks down every United States of America worldwide.

There are 14 international locations maximum these days beneath the brand new “Do Not Travel” list (or Level four Risks), which includes:

South Sudan
The Central African Republic
North Korea

Cuba, Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia aren’t listed in the “Do Not Travel” listing but on the “accelerated warning listing” as Level 2 tour hazard countries.

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