Almost any vacation spot can make for an amazing holiday, but in step with a new survey employing VRBO, we’re all dreaming of one very unique area for our subsequent getaway.

The vacation domestic condominium service polled 1,067 adult American tourists to discover which vicinity they’d like to head if time and money weren’t an aspect. And because the consequences confirmed, we’re all dreaming of a journey down beneath.

The One Place Americans Say They Would Travel If Time 1

“When we requested Americans wherein they’d cross if all constraints were removed, the results hinted at why some locations may stay a dream and how those desires evolve as we grow older,” reps for VRBO wrote in the survey’s findings. “Among all survey respondents, Australia changed into the top worldwide dream destination.”

With the survey, VRBO hoped to apprehend tour possibilities better and notice how age has changed the way people experience approximately journey. For example, observe Australia. While it’s anyone’s dream vacation spot, it was best the 18th most-visited vacation spot by American vacationers in 2018, in step with Expedia data.

“The disparity between dream and reality signals that limitations of time and money are the identifying elements for whether or not Americans will take that dream vacation,” VBRO explained.

This finding held proper for each age organization besides millennials, who’re the organization most likely to enter debt for travel (37percent) compared to Generation Xers (27 percent) and baby boomers (15 percent).

Beyond their willingness to enter debt, Millennials additionally varied barely on their dream destination. While the overall number one international spot went to Australia, VRBO noted that the pinnacle dream destination turned into Italy for millennial vacationers a long time 18 to 34.

But, consistent with the effects, all age demographics agreed on as a minimum one element while visiting: the importance of Wi-Fi.

Internet/Wi-Fi get admission to is the unmarried most vital amenity for American travelers, outranking conventional have to-haves like TV and air-conditioning, in line with the effects.

“While touring, Americans would instead sweat thru the nighttime than omit a tweet. Wi-Fi is so important that seventy-five percentage of travelers said they’ll are looking for lodging with Internet/Wi-Fi get admission to, at the same time as only fifty-nine percent said they expect lodging to have a TV,” VRBO wrote. “For millennial respondents, the distance became a lot wider than for another age institution: Seventy-two percent said they want online access, and 41 percent stated having a TV changed into essential.”

And we can even narrow down this dream journey more. Not most effective does all of us want to visit Australia and feature Wi-Fi. However, they need to do it with their own family and friends.

In the survey, all three age corporations noticed an increase in vacationers who said they’ll journey with a group of four or extra this year compared with closing yr. And fifty-two percent of respondents said a circle of relatives’ vacation is their cause for travel this 12 months.

Additionally, all respondents rated rest as their number one purpose for travel, indicating “a wholesome desire to disconnect from the pressure of our everyday lives and reconnect with family and pals at the same time as away.”