Sandra Bullock is one of all America’s sweethearts. Known for her extraordinary performances in blockbuster hits like Speed and Miss Congeniality, this movie star has recently come returned into the spotlight after her starring position in Bird Box.

Unfortunately for Bullock, she’s additionally well-known for her dramatic dating history. Bullock and then-husband Jesse James divorced after a tremendously publicized infidelity scandal — one for which James gets backlash nowadays.

Who Is Sandra Bullock's Boyfriend, Bryan Randall? 1

James doesn’t appear in particular remorseful, but. “The easy [put-down] is like, ‘Oh nicely, you cheated on Sandra Bullock.’ That’s the sector’s easiest comeback. In popular, each ladies and men cheat. It’s a part of life,” said James.

Thankfully, it appears Bullock has discovered a brand new flame in her lifestyle. But who’s her new beau?

How Sandra Bullock met Bryan Randall

Bullock actually met Randall in an instead candy manner. Typically, one might count on to see one movie star putting in any other with their pals. However, Bullock met Randall in an extra conventional way. Randall becomes endorsed to Bullock to help shoot photos of her son Louis’ celebration.

Randall is sincerely a famous photographer in Los Angeles, typically capturing youngsters’ portraits and journey photography. Bullock should be inspired along with his work due to the fact their dating absolutely took off quickly.

And it appears Randall is nicely favored all around. Randall’s ex-girlfriend’s mother, Mia St. John, even had sparkling matters to say about him. “He is kooky, goofy — he’s so humorous and really young at coronary heart. He’s a loose spirit… Bryan couldn’t care much less approximately money… He should stay off the land.” But, she persevered, “He’s excellent with kids. He loves children. We’re so satisfied for him.”
Two peas in a pod

As it seems, Randall and Bullock proportion quite a few similarities. For starters, the 2 are each definitely committed to their kids. Randall has a daughter named Skyler, and Bullock has youngsters Louis and Laila.

“Bryan has fully stepped up and embraced the dad position,” a supply told Us Weekly. “He is a hundred percent there for Louis and Laila and brilliant with them in every manner. Sandy feels surprisingly lucky and blessed that she is sharing the parenting journey with Bryan.”

Bullock shared that Randall is “a splendid, dedicated father.” But, she added, “For the youngsters, he’s a form of No. 1, and I’m No. 2., however, I get it due to the fact he’s more amusing and has better treats.”

The similarities don’t stop with their love for their kids — the 2 also percentage meaningful tattoos approximately those they love. Randall has his daughter and his mother’s names inked on his finger. Bullock has a tattoo commemorating her mom simply above her coronary heart.

“It is in an area that, in all fairness, included. I got it for my mom, proper earlier than she surpassed away. I got it proper over my heart… I changed into being a rebel for her,” explained Bullock.

Leaving a dating in the back of

However, it appears as if Randall might have been in a relationship with a much younger woman right before he and Bullock commenced dating.

Randall was dating Paris St. John at the time, who is 25 years his junior. They split up amicably, however, after which Randall commenced courting Bullock. Mia St. John, Paris’ mom, had this to mention of Randall’s courting with her daughter, “They talked of marriage and youngsters; however, Paris was simply too young to be considering that, so we knew that ultimately, the connection might come. To an end.”

St. John says that Randall becomes a comforting presence in her lifestyle whilst her son dedicated suicide. “Bryan went thru in all likelihood, the darkest time of my existence, and I don’t realize if I could have made it without him. I could now not have made it thru without him,” she explained.