Things are not pretty looked after for Congress president Rahul Gandhi at the gift. A -digit figure within the Lok Sabha, doldrums within the party: by no means an excellent time for Rahul Gandhi. According to reports, he has already tendered his resignation, which had now not been frequent. But we feel there are extra enormous things that Rahul Gandhi can do now.

Reward the individual that recommended him to contest from Wayanad

Matters Rahul Gandhi can do now 1

So, what we saw in Amethi on May 23 changed into now not truly not possible to the insiders of the Congress. Some smart leaders need to have visible this earlier than and advised Rahul to contest from Wayanad. Otherwise, his gift ambition to paintings as a regular MP would have been shattered. Identify these wise voices and reward them to preserve to dispense with such advice without harboring any mystery preference to replace to the BJP camp.

Spend greater time in Wayanad

As medical doctors frequently endorse a change of weather, we too advise the same. Delhi, Khan Market, Amethi (even though he allegedly didn’t pass there too regularly) are filled with poisonous air. And as we say it, we don’t only mean the electoral pollutants; we suggest the environmental pollutants, too. He can, without a doubt, start from scratch because of the Wayanad MP. He has to make it his second domestic like Smriti did with Amethi.


Yes, there may be no purpose to offer in humans’ criticism due to being there. Always.

In beyond, too, we’ve seen him missing in motion at some stage in essential times. If he ought to find the money unavailable whilst the Karnataka authorities were facing some teething problems, now that the Congress is surely toothless, he can cross on holiday. In 2015, he reportedly took a long sabbatical and roamed around Myanmar, Thailand. He had toured Europe in numerous instances. So, this time he can select either Australia or the US.

Ab Hoga Nyay

Since it (Nyay) didn’t take place this time, he has all time to contemplate over it — why the electorate sincerely junked the concept of primary minimum earnings, why free cash did not lure unemployed voters, who don’t actually have the skill to fry pakodas. Does something need to be incorrect? What’s that? And no, don’t ask Sam Pitroda or Robert Vadra to introspect on your behalf.

Look for a non-Gandhi face.

If now not X, then who?

Questions like this baffle Indians a lot.

After ‘If no longer Modi, then who?’, we are able to’t face every other, ‘If no longer Rahul, then who?’ conundrum. Since he’s batting for a non-Gandhi face for the birthday celebration, his responsibility is to find one such face and make his party be given to him/her.