North Korea wants greater ski accommodations.
Forget Vail; there’s some other evil empire with its eye on ski industry domination—a touch region known as North Korea.

According to an InTheSnow report, Opens a New Window, leader Kim Jong-un has openly expressed a hobby in developing not one but three greater ski accommodations within the Hermit Kingdom, bringing the USA-huge overall to five.

The concept behind the ski motels (aside from shredding the nuclear gnar of direction) is to deliver tourist greenbacks into the embargo-strangled nation. It includes additional plans for water parks and warm spring hotels across the United States.

VIDEO: 9-year-antique makes it look too smooth
Umm, please check the birth certificate on aisle 9! Pre-youngster Melvin Selberg makes everything look too smooth in the Swedish park, dropping more hammers than a greased-up end carpenter. Sure, the types of spins-to-win are off the rails, but the kid has a few reputable styles within the air.

It doesn’t hurt that his nerve endings haven’t evolved yet, and his joints are made from stupid putty. However, I digress. Jealousy appears unsightly on me, besides.

Skier regions have 1/3 of the highest worker harm inside the U.S.
According to a 2017 Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) record launched this week, ski areas have the 1/3 highest non-deadly damage price. Opens a New Window. Of all groups within the U.S., a stat places it ahead of mining and commercial farming industries.

The file says 10.1 injuries per hundred employees running Opens a New Window in “snowboarding centers.” While certain inherent dangers exist on a ski slope, the number is up nearly one hundred percent from a similar report released in 2013. Yikes.

The two industries that ranked more dangerous in associated news were nursing and home care and motorhome production. So, I wager that RV lifestyles aren’t for everyone.

VIDEO: South America hype from Patagonia (the location)
Yeah, it’s true; nevertheless, it’s snowing in Colorado and California, and volcano season hasn’t even started inside the Pacific Northwest. However, we’ve already given our eyes to South America. Videos like this don’t assist the path. Cream Team!

The Freaks’ Sam Coffey passes away at 29
We were shocked and saddened to learn that Sam Coffey, an Aspen legend and ringleader of Colorado up-and-comers “The Freaks,” passed away in Mexico this week following a chain of strokes.

Despite his 29 years, Coffey changed into a ski industry vet who had solid, strong, lasting relationships in the mountains. More than that, he made our mountain playground an entire lot extra a laugh and flew the hard-charging Freaks’ flag impossibly excessive. So SIP, pal, we’re all the better for knowing you.

When you think about operating at a ski lodge, does the phrase “life” first come to thoughts? There is nothing wrong with being a boost attendant; however, you will seek a greater full-time, year-round expert profession. The seasonal, hourly jobs, mostly seen at a ski-in, are best for a few. However, many expert possibilities exist to keep neighborhood mountain citizens fortuitously employed or after 12 months. Ski-in jobs can be divided into three categories: seasonal, full-time, seasonal, or complete-time year-round.

Seasonal Jobs

Starting with the seasonal task, most of the personnel in this institution have just graduated from university or intend to paint seasonally until they figure out what they need to do. Many explore their options, taking time without work earlier than grad faculty or checking out a new locale. These jobs may enchant the latest university graduate, the die-hard skier who has just spent the last two decades going to high school every day and wants to live skiing for the following year.

Another candidate for those jobs can be someone who has spent the closing 10 to 15 years in a career, has made the flow to their favorite ski lodge, and wants to revel in some time learning the community before settling backpedal into a full-time job. Retired employees are another popular part of the seasonal hotel process crew. Seasonal work is a notable way to satisfy human beings’ loads, get a loose ski bypass, and live energetically. Seasonal hotel jobs include ticket income, visitor offerings associates, ski instructors, elevate attendants, and food and beverage jobs: chefs, cashiers, servers, infant care, and parking and transportation workers.