Call it political animosity or compulsion, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former chief minister Vasundhara Raje traveled on an identical flight on Wednesday. Still, they did now not speak to each other.

They landed at Jaipur airport from the equal flight; they boarded from Delhi in the afternoon.

“Raje became inside the enterprise class while I became inside the financial system magnificence. I no longer recognize she changed into sitting in the front. Had I acknowledged it, I would have long gone

and spoken to her,” stated Mr. Gehlot while speaking to the media at Jaipur airport.

Vasundhara Raje, Ashok Gehlot Travel In Same Flight 1

The Rajasthan Chief Minister spoke about his concerns on electronic balloting machines (EVMs), pronouncing approximately their many complaints.

“In Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, robust protection needs to be furnished to protect EVMs. I accept as true that courts, too, have popular that EVMs can be tampered with. So, they have delivered in VVPAT. If EVMs may be tampered with, why should elections be performed with them? EVMs are not used anymore in America and England. Why can’t we, too, follow the fashion?” Mr. Gehlot asked.

He alleged that polarization had affected elections in the USA. On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sojourn at Badrinath-Kedarnath and the Election Commission’s “silence” on it, the Chief Minister said: “Go to Kedarnath and Badrinath, take a seat and meditate… The ballot panel watched the whole scene without any reaction. The complete election was fought on the premise of polarization, although Rahul Gandhi attempted to elevate many large problems.”

Ms. Raje speaking to the media stated the BJP could make a smooth sweep in Rajasthan by winning all 25 national seats.

She said the party would place up against a staggering overall performance across all states given the all-out efforts via PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah.

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