World Cup 2019

Pakistan Cricket Board has banned the better halves and family members of the countrywide crew players from touring with them during the Cricket World Cup 2019 in England and Wales, in keeping with reviews.

Wives and family no longer allowed to tour with Pakistan gamers 1

Pakistan cricket crew contributors will need to make their very own arrangements for or their family individuals who desire to accompany them all through the showpiece event, according to a brand new PCB rule which has been levied to make sure that the gamers keep their recognition on the bigger mission to hand, that is to reclaim the World Cup trophy which they’d finally gained in 1992 underneath Imran Khan’s leadership.

The new policy applies to all Pakistan players barring Haris Sohail, who has been allowed special dispensation on personal grounds, in keeping with ESPNcricinfo.

The other halves and their family participants were allowed to journey and stay with them all through these days-concluded one-day worldwide series in England, which they misplaced zero-4.

Interestingly, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had also issued a comparable rule for the Indian crew participants with a mild alteration.

The Indian cricket board has allowed the gamers’ instantaneous families to spend just 15 days with them at some point during the month-and-a-half of a world event.

For the primary twenty days, from when Team India left for London on May 22, players won’t have their WAGs’ organization. Subsequently, households can come over for fifteen days, when feasible, after the first 20 days of the match.

India captain Virat Kohli had earlier sought BCCI permission to allow WAGs to be with the gamers any time, all through the direction of the World Cup. But he had to fall in with the brand-new coverage laid down for the World Cup sooner or later.

“The pinnacle group control has discussed this 15-day provision and is on the equal page in this association,” a BCCI professional confirmed.

The WAGs of Indian cricketers are now not allowed to journey inside the crew bus; however, a separate bus or private delivery is the choice. All the players may be traveling together inside the group bus; however, they are no longer with their partners during the internal excursion journey in contrast to the final India excursion of England.

More than half the Indian side picked for the World Cup is married, and WAGs have been traveling with the gamers on foreign places tours as in step with the BCCI’s beyond regulations.

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