Memorial Day weekend is upon us; many are determined to head to their holiday vacation spot on Friday.

For a few, it turned into a sluggish move.

For those seeking to get a bounce on their excursion tour, they sincerely weren’t by themselves as visitors crawled on Interstate 81.

AAA says almost 43 million people nationwide will pass someplace this Memorial Day weekend, and more than 37 million of those will cross with the aid of a car.

For Mike Gofman, his circle of relatives traveled from New York to a place near Gouldsboro.

“Eagle Lake is right down the street here; as a community, it is fine for the kids to get away from their computers and everything else,” stated Gofman.

“Everyone had off for this weekend, so we had my whole family getting and going away,” said Dan Catania from New Jersey.

Even though it will cost you almost $3 for a regular gallon of gas, AAA isn’t supposed on the way to stop people from saying fuel prices are pretty much the same as what they had been this time final year.

The expenses were nearly identical with the aid of cents, from $2.87 in May to $2.86 this May.

Still, human beings say they’re being sensible about fueling up.

“We have 100 human beings in one automobile; we don’t take three automobiles,” said Donna Catania from New Jersey.

AAA says more than 3 million people will bypass the car and travel via air.

Folks have been checking in on the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport.

One couple from Dallas has been headed to West Palm Beach.

“We simply desired to escape and go out and revel in ourselves,” said Nick Filatov.

Others had been off to see a circle of relatives.

“We’re traveling our daughter, she lives in Chicago, and our two grandsons, and our son-in-regulation of the route,” stated Bob Hughes from Slatington.

AAA says you may keep the cash if you rent an automobile; fees are down 7%.

And if you’re checking into an inn, those charges are down too.

That is, except if you’re the couple staying in West Palm Beach.

“Well, we’re on the seashore, so that is a bit highly-priced,” said Filatov.

AAA says delays might be as terrible as three times the regular amount for a few, particularly those in a metro.

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Mobile Phone Technology

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