With its bright turquoise waters, white powder sands, and calm waters, Oahu’s Kailua Beach Park has simply been named the quality seashore in America via ‘Dr. Beach’.

Coastal scientist and Florida International University professor Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman has been ranking the first-rate seashores throughout us of an under the alias for almost 30 years, using 50 different factors to determine the pinnacle spots.

This Is the Best Beach in the U.S., According to Dr. Beach 1

Factors variety from water cleanliness and temperature to sand softness, perspectives and vistas offered, and safety. Kailua took the top spot thanks to its aggregate of gentle waves that make it perfect for households, available sports ranging from kayaking to paddle boarding, and its to be had centers.

The region hosts lifeguards, free parking, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, and volleyball courts in conjunction with kayak rentals, as kayaking to nearby offshore islands is a famous pastime. Meanwhile, the nearby village of Kailua gives various eating places and to-pass alternatives to take straight to the seaside.

Two other seashores in Hawaii made a list: Oahu’s Duke Kahanamoku Beach in the 5th area and the Big Island’s Hapuna Beach State Park in the 8th area.

North Carolina’s Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach, which is Leatherman’s personal favorite getaway seaside, got here in at the 2nd location, with Ocracoke Island web hosting what Leatherman says are some of the USA’s “wildest beaches.”

Florida’s Grayton Beach State Park is a herbal paradise full of large dunes, emerald waters, white sands, and New York’s Coopers Beach, an extensive seashore with white quartz sand grass-blanketed dunes, rounded out the top five.

America’s Top 10 Beaches:

Kailua Beach Park—Hawaii
Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach—North Carolina
Grayson Beach State Park—Florida
Coopers Beach—New York
Duke Kahanamoku Beach—Hawaii
Coast Guard Beach — Massachusetts
Caladesi Island State Park — Florida
Hapuna Beach State Park —Hawaii
Coronado Beach —California
Kiawah Beachwalker Park — South Carolina

Leatherman, who had a love of sand from a young age or even had the most important outside sand field in Charlotte, North Carolina at one point, has been visiting seashores for years, at the end leading to the start of the listing in 1991.

Road journey ideas? It’s quite a vague idea.

However, here are five of our favorite ideas in five distinct continents:

North America
Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA
Nothing screams “avenue ride” greater than the idea of boating down the motorway with the windows down, using tune on, and the sun shining.

For that motive, no listing well worth its salt ought to exclude this traditional trip.

The 123-mile direction in Monterey and ending in Morro Bay threatens sensual overload, such is the splendor and variety of the 5-hour experience throughout the principal Californian shoreline.

From the Redwood groves of Big Sur via the breathtaking altitude of the lovely Garrapatta State Park, each mile of this course offers something really worth seeing – an unforgettable photo possibility. Even stopping off for something to consume is a profitable revel in, pushing this into solid gold road ride thoughts territory – Nepenthe, a restaurant perched 800 ft above sea stage, offers the sort of views you definitely can’t purchase.

However you select to revel in this route, it’s one with amazing range, and all the while hugging the beautiful Pacific coast.