A dead whale washed ashore at Huntington Beach State Park early Friday morning.

The whale becomes determined about 6 a.M. Throughout a sea turtle patrol, Brenda Magers, park manager.

Magers said she believes the marine animal to be a pygmy sperm whale. Marine wildlife professionals from Coastal Carolina University arrived on the park, and necropsy was given underway.

Dead whale washes up on Huntington Beach State Park shore 1

The whale is roughly 11 ft lengthy and was about 50 yards from the ocean. Scientists haven’t determined the animal’s age.
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“This isn’t uncommon,” Rob Young, professor of marine science at CCU, stated, including that at the same time as it’s not out of doors the norm to discover these animals stranded from time to time, they’re typically no longer visible till they wash up on beaches.

Young stated it’s unknown why these creatures emerge as stranded alongside the shore, but commonly there’s something incorrect when this happens.

He stated there are about 55 strandings every year alongside the South Carolina coast. This is the second most not unusual kind of marine animal stranding just at the back of bottlenose dolphins.

Scientists will gather samples from the whale to examining then bury its stays.
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