As the summer beach season approaches, one Southern California seashore has been named one of Dr. Beach’s Top 10 in the state—Coronado Beach in San Diego.

Coronado Beach made a list at No. 9, the simplest California seaside to create a listing. With the aid of Florida International University professor Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman—or “Dr. Beach”—the annual seaside ranking uses 50 standards to assess seashores, consisting of water and sanitation satisfaction, safety, and management.

Hawaii and Florida stood out in these 12 months’ ratings, protecting New York and Massachusetts seashores.

Of Coronado Beach, Dr. Beach described it as “a veritable oasis by using the sea,” mentioning the luxurious subtropical flora, Mediterranean weather, and nice, glowing sand with a view of the stately Hotel del Coronado.

However, anybody who ventures out to Coronado Beach for the imminent Memorial Day weekend may be disappointed because of cooler-than-usual temperatures and a viable rain forecast for Sunday.

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