Under Saudi Arabia’s newly introduced Special Privileged Iqama (residency visa) or ‘Green Card’ scheme, holders of such visas could be exempted from ex-pat levy or established rate. However, to avail of this form of visa, holders must first have a regular house allowance.

The special residency visa will allow bearers to reside in the Kingdom with dependents circle of relatives contributors such as better halves and daughters and sons who’re less than 21 years of age.

Saudi expats to enjoy unique privileges below 'Green Card' scheme 1

It will even permit holders to acquire visit visas for family, recruit residence allows their own actual estate devices for residential, business, and commercial functions anywhere in Saudi except the holy towns of Makkah, Madinah, and inside the border areas.

Although bearers can’t own houses in Makkah and Madinah, they can spend money on actual property units there for intervals of up to ninety-nine years. Such actual property gadgets will be under mechanisms to be formulated by using the ministries of justice and trade and investment. The beneficiaries can reap the deeds for the usage of actual estate units from the public notaries.

Besides this, the holders of unique residency visa and their instantaneous family participants can own an approach to transportation, work in any private establishment and freely transfer jobs. Also, the bearers might be capable of take up any activity inside the personal quarter besides the ones reserved for Saudi citizens.

The new visa may even allow bearers to journey out of the Kingdom and come back without a problem and might use unique passport desks distinctive for Saudi residents at airports.

There can be two sorts of privileged Iqamas – Iqamas of unlimited validity and Iqamas renewable every 12 months. The preconditions for obtaining the special residency permit include a legitimate passport, sufficient financial liquidity, an easy crook record, and health certificates proving that the applicant is freed from any contagious sicknesses. In addition, the applicant has to be at the least 21 years vintage.

The privileged Iqama may be canceled if the bearer is convicted of a crime for which she or he is sentenced to 60 days or fined SR100,000, or if he or she must be deported from us of a below a court docket order. It can also be canceled if the information furnished within the application is incorrect later.

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