Nigerians are worried as US Immigration officers allegedly stamp No AOS No EOS on a Nigerian passport.

Following the news about the United States of America authorities’ ban on DropBox, a Nigerian guy, through Instagram, has known Nigerians to be careful if they must journey to the United States.

US immigration ‘EOS / AOS’ stamp on Nigerian Passport reasons Panic 1

According to him, the US Customs and border protection signs No AOS / No EOS on the passports of visa holders or immigrants at the US airport.

He shared a picture of what it looked like claiming someone he is aware of just flew into Atlanta and was given her passport stamped with the words. See submit and picture underneath.

“Can you see what they are doing to humans now in America? They stamp your passport and write this; someone got into Atlanta and stamped her passport AOS. So that means no adjustment of popularity.

“The subsequent one EOS way no extension of repute. So not extending your six-monthly stays, adjusting of reputation, or getting married even as you are right here, everyone must be cautious. These humans are not joking.

What does NO COS / AOS / EOS suggest?

The annotation of “No COS/AOS/EOS” on the passport means no alternate repute, popularity adjustment, or reputation extension. Instead, it expresses the immigration inspector’s opinion that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services must now not provide an extension of your vacationer’s life or approve an alternative to some other repute.
Does No EOS / AOS on my passport ban me from returning to the USA?

The Customs and Border Protection dealers use this stamp when they believe something questionable about men’s and women’s tour styles. This is a pink flag on any immigrant’s passport; it is not binding but will cause greater time-ingesting interactions on every occasion. There’s a tried entry utilizing the holder to the United States subsequently.

It is not too commonplace for a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer to include this annotation in a tourist’s passport. It does manifest sometimes. This annotation alone does not always area a ban from COS/AOS/EOS or from coming returned to the U.S. As lengthy because the holder has a valid visa, they ought to be capable of returning to the U.S. However, that doesn’t suggest it’ll be assured entry to the U.S. On the next ride. It might be up to the CBP officer at the port of access to decide whether or no longer the passport holder may be admitted to the U.S, Eyad Tabahi, an Immigration Attorney, revealed.

Those traveling across the world may also have a piece of war. What makes a visa more specific than a passport? This should not be taken gently, as you cannot use one in the opposite location. For instance, you may get a passport renewal much easier than your visa. It would help if you recognized the difference between the two and what office work is required for each while touring distant places.


This is a stamp/sticky label placed on your passport by a representative official when you arrive in a country. All a visa approach in which you are allowed to visit us of a. Many nations require that you get a visa before you enter.

On the down aspect, the rules managing visas aren’t set. Permits are required using a few international locations, even as different nations do not require them. And to top all of it off, the rules hold converting. You may also need a visa someday; a week is going through, and you may not need a permit. The ticket cost can vary extensively from us to the united states of America. Therefore, countries with no opposition in issuing tickets have grown to be charging ridiculous charges.