After being detained for almost 24 hours at Brazil’s São Paulo–Congonhas Airport, Holland Roden, recognized for her overall performance of Lydia Martin in the MTV series Teen Wolf, was allowed into you. S. A.

On Saturday, Roden, 32, shared that her “ordeal” turned ultimately over.

Sharing a screengrab of one in every one of political author Alex Mohajer’s tweets wherein he wrote that the Teen Wolf actress has been “granted entry into Brazil,” Roden wrote inside the caption: “It became a trial, but I am so thankful to the MRE, U.S. consulate, and especially Caroline and Adriana at LATAM airlines for isolating from the percent and now not best empathizing with our situation however actively pursuing an answer. This experience could have been a long way away worse, and I keep in mind myself invaluably fortunate.”

On Friday, Roden, 32, arrived in Brazil to attend the 4U Experience fan event taking vicinity on Saturday when she was stopped by officials who claimed that her visa was invalid.

Holland RodenThe big-name claimed she had been handled like a criminal and denied water and food by the government.

In a declaration formerly shared with PEOPLE, a consultant for Roden showed that the actress becomes detained.

“Her visa is valid, and she has traveled to us many times this year with the same visa,” the statement read.

“We are desperately seeking assistance from the U.S. Embassy and the Brazilian government,” the statement maintains. “We fear they may send her back without reevaluating her situation. The most effective man or woman she knows is her agent, Michael Brooks, and the Brazilian officers treat them like criminals and look to separate them. We want the general public to recognize approximately this competitive and uncalled-for behavior.”

“We are aware of reports of the detention of a U.S. Citizen in Brazil. The Department of State takes its obligation to help U.S. Residents overseas significantly. We stand prepared to offer all suitable consular services in cases where U.S. Citizens are detained/arrested overseas,” a State Department spokesperson instructed PEOPLE.

Roden thanked her enthusiasts in Brazil in a lengthy Instagram post that addressed her confusion over officials’ claims that her visa was invalid.

Sharing a screengrab of political author Alex Mohajer’s tweets in which he wrote that the Teen Wolf actress was “being handled aggressively,” Roden wrote in the caption, “After two years of traveling to Brazil with this passport and this visa with no troubles, to meet enthusiasts and make friends, I am shocked through the accusations and the remedy that confronted me from the Brazilian Police nowadays. I am shocked that that is the equal Brazil I understand and love. I hope I get to look at all of you the next day.”

And similarly to addressing the ones concerned for her, Roden asked for any help or assistance.

“We are doing everything we will,” she persisted. “We recognize what number of motors, buses, and planes you all took to return to see us…and don’t want to disappoint you. Please urge your United States to provide an affordable remedy for humans with a legitimate identity entering the country. If you recognize ANYONE, please assist us. This time isn’t more exceptional than every time I have come here: twice within the closing years. To the Brazilian fans.”

While she thanked a LATAM Airlines worker and fanatics who may have recognized her and spread the word about her detainment, she noted that her situation had turned dire.

“Some enthusiasts recognized us in the airport,” she delivered. “I can best anticipate they spread the word after they saw me getting detained. No longer take delivery of answers. Be brushed off. Be screamed at. Be refused a translator.Meals.And the water for four hours. Thanks to the lone LATAM employee doing her process- the final 3 were a clean ride, nevertheless being detained -bc of her. Thank you. And for that, I say thank you to the one’s candy women and @alexmohajer.”