If you’re like most college students, you, in all likelihood, don’t have several spare coins for adventures, but you don’t need to permit that to get in the manner of exploring the sector by way of touring overseas. Last summer, I spent eight weeks traveling around Europe, slightly spending any cash beyond my aircraft tickets and some souvenirs. If you’re willing to position in the time, you may save money by finding free food and housing. Here’s how I did it and a few extra approaches you may do yourself:

Au Pair

If you like youngsters, this is a superb alternative for you. Families all internationally look for nannies, or “au pairs,” to come and act as live-in brothers or sisters. You can find those opportunities by searching online for openings within the country you propose. This past summer, I spent six weeks touring Italy and Switzerland with an Italian family of 4. If you put within the time to appearance, you may au pair anywhere in the globe, with the arrangement lasting anywhere from a couple weeks to a year. My foremost task was to hang out with their kids, taking them to the seaside and on motorcycle rides while supporting them in exercising their English.

As a forewarning, if you’re thinking of heading someplace in which English isn’t always the primary language, having basic know-how of the language will virtually assist. Some families can pay, which allows you to join a language path. However, this isn’t assured. As a rule, nannying abroad provides your room and bathroom, three food consistent with the day, and a small weekly allowance for amusement. Depending on their own family, they’ll even pay for your flight or train price ticket. If you “fit” with your own family, you may set up a video call with them to see if you fit their scenario. If you observed, you’re up for it; the secret to being bendy. Your family might also give you certain hours to work, or they’ll be less formal and deal with you more like a family member.


Workaway is a deal among travelers and locals wherein vacationers provide some hours of guide exertions an afternoon in change without spending a dime on housing and, commonly, food. While this could appear to be a severe way to tour the planet, you need to spend some hours operating earlier than you’re unfastened to spend the rest of your time exploring your vacation spot.

When in Italy, I spent two weeks volunteering at a hostel on the island of Ischia in exchange for a loose room and dinner every night. Not only did I get to meet many other volunteers and guests, I also got to discover the island as a neighborhood, immediately becoming immersed in the local lifestyle. Workaway is ultimately a profitable alternative if you’d like to find a group of different travelers to explore with. Also, you’ll often find cool hidden gemstones in place of spending all your time on the “visitor locations.”


I haven’t tried this one. However, I heard about it through some other travelers. Couchsurfing is an app that helps vacationers in need of housing connect with locals who are inclined to allow them to crash on their couches. You can message locals and optimistically install a plan for your life. Payment is not required or recommended. However, it doesn’t hurt to expose your appreciation for their hospitality by cooking a meal or supplying a gift you brought from domestically. Ensure to study a person’s evaluations, believe your instincts, and constantly have a backup plan if it doesn’t exercise session.