Q: tour medical insurance

Google has beaten me – do any of you or any chatters have recommendations or go to (or to be prevented) travel medical insurance carriers? I’m going to Ireland if that matters
A: Carol Sottili

You need to evaluate numerous policies to choose the only one that suits your desires. Comparison sites encompass InsureMyTrip, QuoteWright, and SquareMouth. All matters are the same; I’ve been partial towards Travel Guard International only as it changed into one of the very few travel coverage companies that liberally interpreted its first-rate print within the days after Sep 11.

Q: Breastmilk through TSA

Just a rant on the trials of traveling with breastmilk and the pumping system. I flew through DCA this weekend and encountered distinct protocols within 10 minutes of each other. Initially, I went via security (pre-test) and became authorized to preserve my iPad and a breast pump in my bag. While my breastmilk turned x-rayed, the TSA marketers did now not take the bottles out to the vicinity into the secondary screening device. After I found out the most effective nursing station become placed pre-security, I went again out, pumped, and went through the equal protection line once more approximately 10 minutes later: this time, I was advised to put off the iPad, the breast pump (that has in no way passed off before in about a dozen flights around u . S .), and the milk turned into xrayed and also scanned in the secondary gadget. I just needed to shake my head at what has become a farce of security features.

A: Christopher Elliott

Thank you for sharing this with us. The TSA had a beneficial submission of breast pump procedures on its website. However, the employer is not constant with its screening procedures.

Q: Two days/one night time in St Louis

What’s the fine way to spend a day and a half in St Louis next week? Open to proper food, stories, etc. Thanks, chatters!

A: Carol Sottili

My daughter graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, so I spent many days exploring that town. Some of my favored spots consist of Forest Park, which is outstanding for taking walks, going for walks, golfing, museums, zoo, and so on.; the Budweiser tour, wherein you now not only see how the beer is made but may get to satisfy the Clydesdales and get loose beer; City Museum, a quirky area that appeals to kids and adults; Busch Stadium and adjoining Ballpark Village; and The Hill for all things Italian. As for meals, we ate out mostly in Clayton, and my favorite location has been The Crossing.

Best food in Paris

The first-class food in Paris is crepes, preferably crepes Avec Nutella, which I was given daily from a road cart seller throughout my visit, and a Coca-Cola light. Sitting and eating the one’s crepes along with the Seine or on the steps of Sacre Coeur are some of the first-class reminiscences of my ride there over ten years ago.

Favorite Meals in the City of Light

There was a small restaurant off the crushed path surrounding Montmartre. We stumbled across it with the aid of coincidence in 2010. It changed into known as Chez Marie. The internal becomes protected with cat posters and artwork. L It changed into a side street down another aspect avenue, on foot far away from the church and all that traveler mass surrounding it. It becomes very quiet and relaxed. We had the pleasant onion soup and fries avec moutarde there. We stayed for six months on time and went lower back often. In the next years, we made a factor in moving around. I recently regarded it online; sadly, it seems to have closed.

Parisian food

I became in Paris per week at age 17 and loved the baguettes, the croissants, and the numerous pains, but my most lengthy-lasting discovery began with a braised duck with lentils at the aspect, and a day or later, I became served lentil soup. I just fell in love with the entirety of the lentil on that ride. It turns out each of my dad and mom had not-so-fine institutions with lentils (suppose poverty), and consequently, we did not eat them at home. Probably now, not what the majority would companion with Paris/France, but it is where my love of lentils started.