Between Santiago and Valparaiso is the Casablanca Wine Region.

Its area within the center of these two landmark cities makes it an apparent stopover while traveling through Chile.

Here are five suggestions to help you put together your next experience:

Try them All, But Pay Extra Attention to the White Wines

Traveling in Valparaiso’s Casablanca Wine Country 1

Casablanca is known for generating some of the nice Sauvignon Blanc in Chile, Chardonnay, and different white varietals. Its vicinity close to the sea affords cool breezes and morning fogs, a weather ideal for white wines. The setting has begun to churn out greater cold-weather reds, consisting of Pinot Noir and Syrah, but white wine still stays excellent in this area. Be positive to plan and modify your tasting playing cards for that reason.

Don’t Forget the Bubbly.

That fulfillment in growing its white wines, especially Chardonnay, has led Casablanca into the world of sparkling wine. It cannot be known as Champagne – that designation belongs simplest to wine produced within the Champagne vicinity of France – but the product is largely identical: Chardonnay grapes, with greater yeast and sugar, introduced all through the second one fermentation to create carbonation. Be certain to start by attempting any bubbly you see on tasting menus.

Spend the Night at Matetic Vineyards

Casablanca Valley is approximately 45 miles from Santiago and 25 miles from Valparaiso; it’s easy to make the ride to wine us and back on an unmarried day at one’s distance. But that might be slicing out half of the revel. So near, however, from the bustling town streets, Casablanca offers the risk of growing to be immersed in its agricultural nation-state.

Matetic Vineyards, recognized for its organic wines, encompasses all one should wish for from a Chilean vineyard – tall fingers, manicured gardens, and the terracotta-tiled La Casona Matetic Hotel. It’s you. S. A .-residence experience is complemented by its formal, wine-pairing flagship restaurant, Equilibrio, and its tapa-style casual restaurant, Equilibrio. You can attempt both overnight or one-on-a-day experiences.

Unless You Speak Spanish, Spring for a Tour

Driving yourself through wine united states is possible, but we advise taking an excursion for some of the reasons. First, when you don’t ought to pressure, you shouldn’t worry about restricting your tasting. Second, except you speak Spanish, you gained’t make the equal connections flying solo as you would with an experienced guide, who also can serve as a translator, allowing you to ask questions on the wine and interact with employees. Consider a day tour from Wines & Barrels or a food-wine extravaganza from Wine and Dine.

Enjoy Other Products of the Valley

Before it became a wine region in the Eighties, Casablanca became a more diverse agricultural location. Though wine is the primary event now, there are nonetheless different products you will strive for while there. For example, Bodegas RE makes personal balsamic vinegar, fruit liquors, and olive oils. Keep your eyes peeled for such specialties of the valley as you’re making your way via it – they make notable souvenirs.