A Gold-Rush era inn that’s haunted by the ghost of a gunslinger has re-opened in Colorado – with new ‘serial killer’ themed bedrooms.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Black Monarch Hotel is set in the Rocky Mountains mining town of Victor and turned rebuilt after a fire in 1899. It is said to be haunted through the ghost of a miner who died in its saloon, as well as a laughing girl – perhaps from its days as a brothel and online casino.

Would you stay at this ‘serial-killer themed’ Colorado Hotel? 1

The building has been taken over via Adam Zimmerli, and he’s taking a notion from its spooky beyond, developing rooms themed after murderers including HH Holmes and Elizabeth Báthory.

They have a Victorian Gothic stimulated aesthetic with a black coloration topic and info, including curiosities, taxidermy, oddities, and trinkets. The parlor room is also devoted to Nikola Tesla, who, local legend, added electricity to the construction.

Currently, there are four bedrooms to be had at The Black Monarch, starting from around $ sixty-three in keeping with nighttime on Airbnb. But whilst fully realized, the lodge will provide 12,000 sq—Ft of lodging.
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