Patricia Altschul, legendary grand dame and the breakout famous person of Bravo’s Southern Charm, is the arbiter of all things sublime. While she calls Charleston home (and is living in a sprawling historical mansion), she can often be determined touring New York, Los Angeles, and Europe. You could make sure that she in no way sacrifices her signature fashion at the same time as in transit— which means she checks a minimum of three pieces of Louis Vuitton baggage, contains a Birkin, constantly orders a Bloody Mary—or even brings her own pillowcases. Below, she stocks how she jets throughout the globe (and it’s far carried out in fantastic style, as one could most effectively expect) with Suzanne Otte and Emily Selter.
She generally flies non-public, but you may spot her on a business flight to Europe.

Patricia Altschul's Very Specific Guide to Traveling in Style 1

When Patricia flies from Charleston to New York or Florida, she books her travel thru JetSmarter, software that permits users to ebook private jets on their telephones. Still, she prefers to fly business for lengthy-haul flights. Her airline of preference: Delta, a Southern business enterprise, of course. But British Airways can also quickly end up a pinnacle select thanks to their direct flights from Charleston to London.

When flying commercial, Patricia uses her memberships with CLEAR and TSA PreCheck to make worrying industrial terminals barely greater tolerable—and expedite the process. Much like the entirety of her life, Altschul’s seat choice is cautiously decided on. She prefers the window seat and is based on Seat Guru’s website, which affords facts and seat suggestions for the plane assigned in your flight.

“I choose no longer to be disturbed each time the person after me wants to rise. On most of my air travels, Michael remains domestic to cozy the residence and take care of my menagerie. Since I don’t recognize who can be seated after me, I consider the varieties of humans interested in the bulkhead’s more floor area: it’s the prime actual property for those visiting with small children. Interpret that observation as you want.”

Patricia brings at least three pieces of Louis Vuitton baggage on every journey.

On any given trip, she brings a bare minimum of three portions of vintage Louis Vuitton baggage with enviable patina: a train case for great beauty products, a Pullman 80 for clothing, and a Pegase 70 for purses and shoes. But, minimalist, she isn’t always.

“As a preferred principle and fine exercise, one needs not to check fashion designer luggage. I anticipate the risk of damage and robbery after I test my Vuitton. I even have only ever had one object stolen from a checked bag. I added it upon myself for packing with haste and violating a cardinal rule to hold on to non-public digital gadgets. Irrespective of the brand of the bag, any passenger who checked a primary generation iPad within the first week of release would have suffered the same destiny.”

Patricia and her personnel start packing a week earlier than her departure.

Even an earthly mission like packing is approached with tact because cobbling a suitable cloth cabinet collectively on the 11th hour is anathema to Patricia’s disciplined life. Nevertheless, the packing system starts one week before her departure, whilst she summons a garment rack to her boudoir. The rack serves as the sole series station for the apparel and add-ons she will be packing, in addition to a space to experiment with seems.

She limits herself to either a completely black or white cloth wardrobe on each of her trips. Doing so makes it easier to create multiple looks from a pretty curated choice of clothing, and he or she can use equal accessories for every appearance (normally black flats or heels). Two days before she departs, Patricia starts to p.C. Her suitcases with the assistance of her laundress, Carla. Together they overview her tour itinerary and social calendar to ensure that the precise ensemble for every dedication is covered in her luggage.