One of my great friends invited me along for his first helicopter journey. I had seen Kauai from above before. However, this time became very extraordinary. The enjoyment becomes emotional and special while shared with the right human beings. This is probably the most favored picture I have ever taken. Leaning out the door of a helicopter, above the maximum stunning vicinity in the world.”Photograph by way of Photograph and caption utilizing Lace Andersen, 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

“Helicopters are a costly, nonetheless profitable, alternative to drone images.”

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Photograph through Photograph and caption by Justin Strawn, 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

“The dancing aurora borealis, visible above the fjord and mountains at Haukland Beach in Lofoten, Norway. This remarkable sight and experience resulted from two hours of waiting in freezing situations! However, I’m satisfied we stayed put because it virtually paid off! This may be one of my favored locations to capture the real mild of the north.”

Photograph by way of Photograph and caption by using Mikkel Beiter, 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

“At the pinnacle of the fell in Finland’s Riisitunturi National Park lies a Finnish natural phenomenon—the smoky. Takky is the delightful Finnish period for the snow accumulating on tree branches, inflicting them to bend. They are particular to the exposed fell tops in Lapland. This picture indicates tykky in numerous ranges of buckling; all illuminated utilizing the splendid crimson glow of the Arctic twilight.”Photograph via Photograph and caption through Daniel Burton, 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

“This became taken in Egypt’s western barren region—the Bahariya Oasis—wherein unique geological situations shape the White Desert. The snow-white chalk landscape gives the wasteland another called “Snow Oasis.” This big and mysterious location includes fossils, crystals, springs, and many unknowns. These sixty-five million-yr-vintage seabeds ought to be judged as international geological history.”Photograph through Photograph and caption using Liao Xiaoyu, 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

“There are a few places on our planet wherein you could be face-to-face with it is soul, beauty, and energy. This is one of those locations—the geothermal location inside the Icelandic highlands. A splendid area that gives traffic a unique feeling of being one with our planet.”Photograph by using Photograph and caption via Andro Loria, 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

“Instead of taking the bus excursion to Rainbow Mountain, I camped the night before, about an hour and a half away, to be the primary up at sunrise. Unfortunately, that morning changed into a complete fog, and once I arrived, I may want to see the seven-shade mountain barely. I waited an hour for the fog to clean. However, it did not. On my way down, I passed this lovely alpaca couple carrying the Aymara lifestyle shades, making the wait worth it.”Photograph via Photograph and caption by Brian Larrosa, 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

“We paddled out in our half-of-deflated canoe to look at the sunset. However, the overcast sky made it look like a sunset wouldn’t be that afternoon. As we paddled back to shore, I grew to become round for one remaining look and saw that the sun had come out simply enough to catch the pinnacle of the mountains. ‘Turn round!’ I eagerly shouted and rushed to tug out my digicam. As I framed my shot, a boat floated flawlessly into the body. I smiled and took the image.”Photograph via Photograph and caption by way of Mark Schisler, 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest