Travelers to Sri Lanka can be justifiably concerned after the Easter Sunday bomb blasts in church buildings and comfortable accommodations in Colombo, killing at least 310 human beings and injuring more than 450.

While it appears neighborhood authorities in Sri Lanka were privy to threats to public protection, there had been few warnings to foreigners. However, that has all changed, and the U.K. authorities are now cautioning on its Foreign Travel Advice internet site that “terrorists are possible to perform assaults in Sri Lanka.”

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The Foreign Office cited that security has been stepped up throughout the island, and there are ongoing safety operations. “These may additionally hold for many days, and the situation remains dynamic,” is recommended.

Similarly, the U.S. State Department urges travelers to “exercise multiplied warning in Sri Lanka because of terrorism.”

“Terrorist groups continue plotting feasible assaults in Sri Lanka. Terrorists may additionally attack with minimal caution, focused on traveler places, transportation hubs, markets/buying department stores, nearby government facilities, resorts, clubs, eating places, places of worship, parks, main sporting and cultural events, educational institutions, airports, and different public regions,” in line with the State Department journey advisory.

For the one’s travelers already in Sri Lanka, the U.S. Government advocates paying attention to their environment while journeying to vacationer places and crowded public venues, following the commands of nearby authorities, tracking local media for breaking events, and adjusting plans based totally on new information.

On its tour advisory internet site, the Canadian government urges its citizens to exercise excessive caution.

“There are identifiable protection and protection worries, or the safety and protection situation should trade with little word. It would help if you always worked out an excessive degree of caution, displayed local media, and complied with the instructions of the nearby government,” it said.

Global travel protection guide WorldAware cited the concentration on excessive-profile luxurious lodges within the heart of Colombo as evidence that the attackers aimed to create fear and a lack of confidence that might adversely affect business operations and drive away vacationers and multinational corporations.

“In all likelihood, the government will undertake preventive security measures after the bombings to save you a sharp dip in tourism and reduce the departure of overseas organizations. Enhanced security is likely at traveler locations, excessive-cease inns, and vital infrastructure including ports, airports, and educate stations,” they cited in a safety briefing. WorldAware additionally recommended that the government may additionally designate regions in Colombo and somewhere else as “high-security” zones, limiting get right of entry to legal government and safety employees.
What Should Travel Advisors Know About Travel Risk?

For the maximum element, amusement journey advisors aren’t expected to provide chance tests for vacationers — unlike their corporate counterparts whose customers have difficulty with responsibility-of-care responsibilities.

Sam Davies, local security supervisor, Australasia, for worldwide travel protection issuer International SOS, instructed Skift: “Duty of care does now not observe amusement travel in the same manner as commercial enterprise travel. A man or woman’s taking a holiday is commonly seen as deciding to accept the risks. At the same time, commercial enterprise travel entails an enterprise exposing their employee to dangers and is therefore responsible for mitigating them.”