Travel coverage is a developing supply of sales for journey advisors, with a contributing thing in all likelihood coming from the latest excessive-profile failures, including terrorist assaults, plane crashes, and cruise delivery malfunctions. According to Squaremouth, the tour coverage contrasts with the website online, and sales are already up by 24 percent this year and are likely to keep growing.

Advisors are in an excellent position to counsel clients on what they want and whether or not their present insurance is ok. Of course, not each trip may also warrant coverage; however, in cases where hundreds of greenbacks are being invested, it can be a sensible choice if things don’t pass following the plot.

Skift also looks at what it takes to win moneymaking contracts for government travel. Unfortunately, the complexities make it nearly impossible for most tour groups to crack the market.

Travel Advisors See Trip Insurance Opportunities Where Credit Cards Fall Short. Awareness of the need for travel insurance is rising in some quarters. This trend presents huge opportunities for journey advisors to generate additional sales and offer peace of mind to vacationers.

Inside the Clubby Business of Government Travel: A Skift Deep Dive: Navigating the sector of government travel is so complicated that it’s hard for outside companies to handle it. And even if they can, opportunities are narrow for buying huge contracts with tens of billions of bucks up for grabs.

Norwegian Cruise Line Sees Upside in Leaving China for North America: Norwegian’s choice to move ships out of the Chinese market and into North America seems to be paying off.

International Inbound U.S. Travel Growth Stuck in Slump: Beyond a stoop for a journey, experts assume a global economic cooldown will appear in coming years. In all likelihood, people will usually need to journey, but the stagnant increase will present a hassle for the enterprise in North America.

Choice Hotels Looks to High-End Travelers to Boost Revenue: Choice knows where the cash is, and right now, it’s not in midscale brands. So, will upgrading Comfort Inn be enough to raise room rates?

Beverage Brands Get In on Growing Sober Curious Movement: If a bar doesn’t serve alcohol, is it surely a bar? If a lager doesn’t get you buzzed, is it surely a lager? As alcohol purveyors and marketers search for coins in the fashion of healthy beverages, twists on nonalcoholic grownup drinks are shooting up everywhere.

The Travel Corporation Maps Path to Sustainability: There’s an extended avenue to achieve environmental sustainability inside the tour enterprise. It includes a whole lot of attempts from groups. However, tourists and governments have to get on board, too.

Delta to Make It Easier to Keep Elite Status After a Major Life Event: Has everybody noticed that U.S. Airways is taking purchaser satisfaction more seriously now than some years ago? It’s a terrific trend.

Airlines Take Notice of Millennials With New Strategies: Millennials don’t continually want to head on holiday to places their mother and father like to go to. So, airlines are beginning to take the time to be aware.