What humans do after they go to Stark County — and what the folks who come here are like — was explained in a brand new survey conducted for Visit Canton, which amazed Stark County’s tourism business enterprise.

A current survey indicates that Stark County’s maximum popular tourism interest is shopping.

Stark County’s traveler activity is ... Buying? 1

What human beings do after they visit Stark County — and what those who come here are like — became defined in a new survey for Visit Canton. The consequences have been protected as part of the convention, and the traveler’s bureau’s annual file for 2018 indicates traveler spending and hotel stays in Stark County are at the upward push.

Visit Canton surveyed nearly 950 humans and amassed information from change shows, from people who requested statistics thru the website, and those who answered commercials and asked for tour guides.

The outcomes display if 100 humans were to go to Stark County:

forty-five could be from Ohio

12 might be from Pennsylvania

Six would be from Michigan

73 wouldn’t have any kids 18 or more youthful

forty-two would have made seven or greater journeys to Stark County

forty would stay only for the day

23 would live for one night

sixty-seven could book an inn room

23 might bunk with pals or a circle of relatives

35 could have come for a selected enchantment or occasion

23 would have come to go to own family or friends

19 would be right here on vacation

Ten could be passing via on the way to someplace else

three could be here for a business occasion

62 could be a woman

50 might be 55 or older

48 would be a while 25 to 45

These demographics aren’t what Visit Canton management expected.

Allyson Bussey, president of Visit Canton, stated she assumed it changed into, in general, younger households traveling Stark County.

“We have been greatly surprised,” she stated.

Tonja Marshall, government vice president of advertising and marketing and communications for Visit Canton, stated it’s suitable to see how much tourism is generated without kids being part of the equation. And understanding who’s coming approach advertising in part can provide recognition of kid-loose sports, such as live music and museums.

She said one of the barriers is the place’s popularity as the Pro Football Hall of Fame home. For some people, that’s a magnet, but for others, they suppose there’s nothing in Stark County for them. So Visit Canton has to work more hard to show the entire scope of activities here. The tourism bureau is preparing to launch a museum pass, giving vacationers seventy-two hours to visit up to eight museums inside the location.


But football isn’t the main driver of out-of-metropolis site visitors, though it’s far more popular. The survey confirmed the maximum number of commonplace activities for site visitors: purchasing, traveling to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, journeying parks, and outdoor exercise.

The survey doesn’t imply where humans save; however, Bussey stated that the Hartville Marketplace, Flea Market, and Belden Village Mall attract millions of site visitors every 12 months.

One of the alternative sudden figures from the survey is forty-two % of individuals who go to Stark County had been here seven or more times.

Marshall said that reaction would activate deeper-dive survey inquiries to determine what’s using repeat tourism. But there are some thoughts: Some humans forestall inside the Canton vicinity each yr when they head down Interstate seventy-seven to move on holiday. Others attend annual activities. Many might be making routine trips to visit their own family and pals. And the range additionally might mirror people who stay out of the county and journey in regularly to buy groceries.