Dubai is amazing at the start impressions – the skyline, the department shops, the beaches, the glamour – so it’s no wonder a few people begin planning their second go before their first is even over. Once the headliners have wowed you, you can discover more about what makes this multicultural metropolis tick.

So, assuming you’ve seen the Burj Khalifa, enjoyed brunch, watched the Dubai Fountain, sunbathed on the seaside, crossed the creek, shopped in a souk, and had a barren region safari or maybe an arty 24 hours, here are a few recommendations for things to do on your subsequent visit to Dubai.
Take to the air.

Once you’ve visible the city from road level – or maybe Burj Khalifa level – why no longer experience it from the sky with Seaplane tours with the aid of Seawings or helicopter tours from Helidubai and others? Dubai looks unique in the air, and a flight also prevents you from seeing Palm Jumeirah and Dubai’s different artificial islands.

If staying in an aircraft appears stupid, you could attempt jumping out of it; Skydive Dubai offers you an aerial view of the metropolis, after which a more and more near-up one as you dive, strapped to a parachute teacher. Experienced skydivers can make solo jumps. For a less intimidating and cheaper option, strive for iFly’s indoor wind tunnel experience.

Go dune bashing

If you’ve been on a wasteland safari, your motive force, in all likelihood, did some mild dune bashing – driving across the wilderness’s rolling dunes in a 4×4. Suppose that appeared like your form of aspect. In that case, you might attempt one of the superior variations: Arabian Adventures, and others can take you for longer, more dramatic rides and even display how to pressure yourself in the sand.

Embrace the wilderness

The Bedouins are the oldest inhabitants of this region, so Platinum Heritage should offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in its Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience, which takes you off the beaten track to spend time-consuming traditional meals and learn about the lifestyle.

Another Platinum Heritage variation, the Heritage Falconry, Birds of Prey, and Wildlife Desert Safari, specializes in seeing some of Dubai’s native fauna and vegetation up close. Visitors can see gazelles, the Arabian oryx, and, yes, camels in their native ecosystems.

Or, for twitchers, experience the incredible chicken lifestyles of the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, where you may see up to 400 species, including flamingos, eagles, and more.

Stroll around Satwa

For extra-urban enjoyment, take a while to discover Satwa, which is certainly one of Dubai’s most popular neighborhoods. An international far away from the malls, in Satwa, you can find a host of stores promoting the whole lot possible, wonderful and cheap food, and more. And if you’re after garments, why not have some made? Satwa is domestic to many of Dubai’s tailors and haberdashers, with fabric starting from the elegant to the bizarre: inside some days, you may have your tailor-made dress or shirt.