What is the SLS World Tour?

First, prevent – London.

The Street League Skateboarding World Tour is a new multi-round event layout that replaces the Pro Open occasion this 12 months.

The layout gives more skaters from around the sector a chance to compete directly on the World Tour. The excursion starts offevolved in London this weekend and moves on to Los Angeles, U.S, and for its 0.33 forestall, the World Championships in Mexico City, Mexico.

In the guys’ format, skaters compete within the Global Open qualifiers, quarter-finals, and semi-finals to reach today’s finals. The girls’ layout is slightly extraordinary in that skaters reach the semi-finals without delay after their Global Open qualifiers.

American Nyjah Huston and Australia’s Shane O’Neill are some of the big names competing in London.

Tokyo qualifying starts right here.

Whoever it’s far wins the SLS World Tour in London this weekend, the occasion is positive to go down in records because of the first-ever Olympic qualifier in the game of skateboarding.

The open opacifying method allows neighborhood and different international skaters to compete for a hazard to make the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and possibly even the final in opposition to some of the world’s best-acknowledged.

There had been forty-five one-of-a-kind countries on show, most of the 154 qualifiers looking to emerge as one of the 12 ladies or ten men to compete towards the elite competitors in the world on the Copper Box – itself an Olympic arena – over the weekend.

Why I love skateboarding

If you feel stimulated to give skateboarding a go, watch this video with Australian skateboard superstar Hayley Wilson.

She talks about her love of the game and what it takes to emerge as a pinnacle skateboarder.

How can I watch the SLS World Tour on the BBC?

All instances are BST and problem to overdue change

Britain’s Korahn Gayle says he hopes the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) coming to London will encourage people to attempt the sport.

The Copper Box will host the world’s most prestigious skateboarding competition on Saturday and Sunday, and the event will likely be broadcast on the BBC.

Skateboarding will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo in 2020.

American Nyjah Huston and Australia’s Shane O’Neill are the massive names competing in London.

Meet Lena – considered one of Finland’s oldest skateboarders

When Lena becomes sixty-one, she invests in a skateboard because she worries her motorbike might be stolen. Four years later, she skates anywhere and has taken up graffiti art and acrobatics. The neighborhood celebrity additionally teaches others at Lena’s Early Skate Bird lessons.

But she hasn’t stopped there. When Lena heard about a mission to open a skate park in Uganda, she went out to assist and donated 60 skateboards inside the system. Now? She’s concerned with constructing some other skate park in northern Uganda.

Get Inspired: How to get into skateboarding.

Skateboarding has many fitness advantages, including enhancing coordination, stability, and flexibility.

It is a laugh and social activity; you could do it at an indoor or outdoor skate park, where you will satisfy plenty of humans. Learning interesting tricks and flips may take some time; however, when you’ve mastered them, you will have an amazing feeling of personal success.

Touring a skate park is an exceptional way to get into skateboarding. The Skatepark Project website has a park finder for England, Scotland, and Wales.
There is likewise a list of parks in Northern Ireland.