The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) offers the subsequent journey pointers for this vacation weekend:

Travel off-top when heading to and from the Eastern Shore. The excellent instances to travel the Bay Bridge this weekend consist of:

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– Thursday – before 10 a.M. And after 10 p.M.

– Friday – before 10 a.M. And after 10 p.M.

– Saturday – earlier than 7 a.M. And after five p.M.

– Sunday – earlier than 10 a.M. And after 10 p.M.

Memorial Day Monday – earlier than 10 a.M. And after 10 p.M.

Motorists must continue to be on US 50 to keep neighborhood roadways open for first responders and citizens.

Let Us Feed You Bay Bridge Traffic Updates!

Observe us on Twitter at Twitter. Com/TheMDTA for actual-time updates on traffic and primary incidents. Please find us on Facebook at Facebook. Com/TheMDTA. To view actual-time traffic digicam photographs on MDTA roadways, go to mdta.Maryland.Gov. Call 1-877-BAYSPAN (229-7726) for twenty-four/7 Bay Bridge traffic situations.

– Visit baybridge.Com to view site visitors’ cameras

– To sign on for email/text indicators or view actual-time traffic camera snapshots on MDTA roadways, go to mdta.Maryland.Gov

– Get there quicker with E-ZPass! Visit ezpassmd.Com to enroll online and for a listing of E-ZPass “On the Go” retail locations.

– Consider the Intercounty Connector (ICC)/MD two hundred and I-ninety-five Express Toll Lanes (ETL) in Baltimore during your vacation travels. Visit maryland.Gov for toll charges.

Keeping visitors moving correctly and as viable is the MDTA’s precedence. The MDTA Police will continue vigilance and target aggressive and impaired drivers, seatbelt violators, and crook pastimes. Additional MDTA Police patrols could search for bad drivers at Maryland toll facilities throughout the vacation weekend.

For your SAFETY and the SAFETY of other motorists and emergency employees:

– Buckle Up! Every Seat. Every Time.

– Devote your complete attention to driving – texting and using hand-held cellular telephones while riding in Maryland is unlawful.

– Keep your eyes on the street – do now, not sight-see.

– Do now not tailgate – hold a safe following distance.

– Obey posted pace limits and overhead lane-manage signals.

Avoid changing lanes while traveling over bridges and via tunnels.

– Headlights are always required on the Bay Bridge.

– If your automobile becomes disabled, remain interior and phone # seventy-seven for assistance.

– When contacting a dispatch middle, motorists need to be prepared to provide the following:

The location of the emergency;
A call-lower back telephone quantity; and
Details of the incident/disabled automobile or other situations.

– State law requires motors to move over while drawing close an emergency, transportation, provider, and application vehicle or tow truck with purple, yellow, or amber flashing lights if you ca unable transport over, sluggish down.

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