The assignment

The Europa League final – Arsenal v Chelsea – in Baku, Azerbaijan, distance to journey four,000km (about 2,500 miles)
No direct scheduled flights between London and Baku within the week of the final
Get there by way of 23:00 local time on Wednesday, 29 May, thru the most inexpensive possible approach.


The challenger:

How to get to Baku on a price range 1

Step forward, Alex Speck-Zolte – the 20-yr-vintage megastar of BBC’s Race Throughout the World.

Alex and his dad Darron made it from the United Kingdom to Singapore the long way spherical, 12,000 miles over land and without taking an unmarried flight, on strict finance of £1,329 – and handiest a paper map for guidelines. They have been competing in opposition to other teams to try and win the race and claim the £20,000 prize.

So plotting a price range course from London to Baku should be a doddle, right?

Below, Alex – who became a virtual traveling amateur before his journey across the globe – gives his recommendation to enthusiasts visiting from England to Baku for the very last 29 May.

No smartphones or Google Maps to see right here…
Step one – London to Dusseldorf… Set off on 24 May!

“Fans need to spark off on 24 May to make it to Baku on time, so it is five days earlier than the game. Yes – it’ll take THAT long.

“An in a single day bus will prevent cash on accommodation.

“The sport is not scheduled to finish until long gone midnight Azerbaijan time, so finding an area to rest your head after drowning your sorrows/celebrating a European trophy win could be fine.”

The estimated value so far: is £30 (no longer includes foods and drinks)

Estimated travel time to date: 11 hours

Estimated arrival time: 10:00 nearby time, Saturday, 25 May
Step two – Dusseldorf to Budapest

“This degree all depends on your finances and what sort of time you have. It’s a far greater cost to journey by train. However, it is plenty faster.

“Whichever technique you pick out, it might not be relaxed… However, at least you’ve got a soccer final at the end of it, proper?”

The estimated fee to date: £ sixty-eight through a bus (now not consisting of food and drinks)

Estimated tour time to this point: 30 hours

Estimated arrival time: Sunday, 26 May (time dependent on departure time from Dusseldorf)
Step three – Budapest to Thessaloniki

“OK, so any fanatics who’re dreadful at time-retaining will want to make a further effort to catch this bus, as there is only ONE in step with day – leave it out, you they’re in a pickle.

This journey takes you from Hungary to Greece. Every day of the week, the bus sets off at eleven:00, except for Saturdays, while it departs at 16:00 nearby.”

The estimated fee to date: £143 (no longer such as food and drink)

Estimated tour time to this point: 46 hours

Estimated arrival time: 03:00, Monday, 27 May
Step 4 – Thessaloniki to Istanbul