Whether you’re passing via or you’ve reached your destination, the vacation weekend is supposed to be one for amusing.

Traveler Shauna Morrow says, “Site visitors became a touch thick, but it spread out, and I was able to ride without difficulty.”

For others, it’s double the headache.

One tourist informed NewsChannel 6, “The traffic is a bit traumatic, and then several drivers do dangerous things just to weave inside and out of traffic just to get around.”

With Columbia County’s Special Operations Traffic Unit, Sergeant Bobby Bradford says time is fundamental.

He says, “Supply yourself a touch greater time to get to whatever vacation spot you are looking to get to. You realize that way you don’t get yourself into a rush to where you get annoyed, or you get right into a street rage incident.”

Sgt. Bradford also says to maintain your eyes on the street. It is not just an era that may be distracting.

“Or occupants or different matters inside the car, you realize even matters as the way you p.C. Your vehicle obstructs your view from at the back of using the way you have your car packed,” says Sgt. Bradford.

Bumper-to-bumper visitors might position you at a stop; however, Sgt. Bradford says while you’re using, supply your self-cushion room around your vehicle.

He says, “You need to continually deliver sufficient area to react if any person has to prevent in front of you.”

Sgt. Bradford also says to no longer drink and power, put on your seatbelt, and continually force defensively. So, with this gear in thoughts, those secure tourists are equipped for the weekend.

“I’m searching ahead to having a terrific weekend,” says Morrow.

Another traveler informed NewsChannel 6, “I’m very excited. I’m very excited. I’m glad. I’ve been waiting to take this experience and am just satisfied to peer it.”

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Rules, policies, and requirements

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