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This week’s tour diary: A 33-year-old freelance DJ spends a weekend with her girls in Las Vegas.

Occupation: DJ/Marketing Professional (Actively searching for full-time work)
Salary: presently freelancing; however, at the closing process, I made about $50,000 a year

Las Vegas

Annual Number Of Vacation Days: N/A
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Trip Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Trip Length: 3 days
Travel Companions: Best Friend, A
Costs: Driving in a non-public car. Self-parking at the inn costs $18.00 per day. Stayed there for three days.
Total: $36
Costs: Vdara Hotel $436.Fifty-three overall for two nights. Cost break up between myself and every other individual. So I paid for half of it.
Total: $218.27
Pre-vacation spending:
– bikini wax: $15
– hair appointment – $60
– go well with – $12
Total: $87
Do you’ve got credit score card debt because of reserving this excursion? If so, how tons? No, but Iusede my credit card for purchases at somepointe in the trip and will pay the minimum due.
Day One
10:15 a.M. – It’s the first day of the ride, and I’m very excited! We are celebrating my BFF’s birthday and having a mini-reunion in Vegas with some greater friends because we all went to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). I forestall at the 7-Eleven gas station to replenish my tank ($35) and clutch some snacks ($four.20)beforen heading to pick up my pleasant friend. $39.20

10: forty-five a.M. – Pick up my satisfactory buddy A at her grandma’s house to start our avenue ride to Las Vegas. My first-rate buddy and I decided to live with family in San Bernardino on Thursday night to make the ride shorter than driving from LA on Friday morning. She is leaving her car parked there for the weekend, and I pass the interior to greet her grandma. As we begin the travel, we note it’s full of site visitors. The drive to Las Vegas from San Bernardino is typical 2.Five-3 hours.

2:30 p.M. – We arrive in Vegas and determine to get lunch at one of our favorite spots, Farm Basket. Cheap and delicious fried fowl foods. I order my favorite, the Finger Meal Deal, consisting of 4 hen strips, fries, and a drink.Not something I typically eat anymore, so I truly order bottled water instead of soda and simplest finish one fowl strip. They’ve also changed the recipe, so it wasn’t as appealing as it was. $8.65
three:30 p.M. – We make a pit prevent at Walmart to get toiletries, alcohol, and masses of water so that we should buy in bulk and spend much less on those styles of gadgets at the strip/hotel. My pal bought the size of the stuff. I only was given water, deodorant, bananas, and Kind granola bars. $14.Forty-seven