This upcoming Memorial Day weekend, almost 43 million Americans are anticipated to take to the “state’s roads, rails, and runways,” in keeping with AAA Travel. Meanwhile, the U.S. Airline trade organization Airlines for America estimates that nearly 260 million people will fly on U.S. Carriers this summertime.

These record numbers come amid increasing interest in shorter holidays that travelers can purchase in the direction of the closing minute.

“Instead of taking those giant holidays as soon as 12 months, at Conde Nast Traveler, we have been pronouncing take lots of little vacations,” Conde Nast Traveler contributing editor Mark Ellwood told Cheddar. “Especially among millennials, we’re seeing a lot more of a feel of ‘in preference to saving up my excursion for one huge journey, I’d as a substitute take six or seven and cut up them up.'”

Some locations—like Mexico, Florida, and Denver—provide domestic holidays (if you’re primarily based in North America) and are less complicated to manage over a long weekend. “From New York, I’d send you to Mexico,” stated Ellwood, pointing to San Miguel de Allende. He says it is “one of the locations in Mexico which have high-quality air providers to almost anywhere in America.”

“It’s this fascinating colonial city with fantastic architecture,” he provides. Alternatively, Key West in Florida, Ellwood says, affords “a slew of extraordinary, new inns.” For folks that do not long for summers by using the seashore, Ellwood recommends Denver, which offers possibilities to hike and discover nature, as well as “a modern-day, very-energized food scene.”

When reserving tickets especially close to your ride, Ellwood recommends looking for motel-flight package deal offers. “I assume all people are always terrified that at the final minute, you’ll get gouged,” he says. “Because of the way that airline tickets are allocated, if you are flying at the last minute, it is frequently cheapest to shop for a package deal.” He says a package deal should successfully include the lodge free of charge.

He additionally recommends negotiating. “I suppose while humans think about negotiation, they consider waving their finger in a person’s face and saying, ‘Give me a higher rate, or I stroll away,'” Ellwood says. “It’s no longer like that in any respect.”

Instead, he called the resort around lunchtime and asked about fees. “They may have some extra rooms empty than they had like,” he says. And if you’re the well-mannered individual who says, ‘Howdy, I’d love to come. However, should you work a bit with me on the charge,’ why wouldn’t they?”