The most suitable of the 1/3 season of Nine’s Travel Guides pulled 752,000 metro viewers an ultimate night, an boom from its optimum target audience of 613,000 in 2018.

Hosted via Denise Scott, the display sends Australian families to check the arena’s most popular excursion locations.

The show became overwhelmed in its 9 pm time slot with the aid of Seven’s screening of the US drama The Good Doctor, which attracted 522,000 metro viewers.

With the addition of local viewers, Hughes’ software had 711,000 viewers, and The Good Doctor climbed to 891,000.

Nine’s 9 pm presenting of Bridget Jones’ Baby had 303,000 within the cities and 408,000 in general.

However, in the sooner top-time slot, Nine changed into triumphant, with episode two of Married At First Sight drawing in 955,000 metro visitors and 1.269m throughout the united states of America.

Seven’s rival fact program. My Kitchen Rules had 814,000 metro viewers and 1.241m in total, meaning My Kitchen Rules grew its general target market from its finest.

MAFS premiered on Monday with a metro target market of 1.003m and a countrywide target market of 1.321m, whilst MKR kicked off with 816,000 and 1.216m.

Ten’s 7:30 pm imparting, I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, had 605,000 metro visitors last night, which climbed to 866,000 with the addition of local viewers.

In the key advertising demographics of 16-39s, 18-49s, and 25-54s, the maximum-watched applications were MAFS, MKR and I’m A Celebrity.

Despite the ‘reality-driven evening, no software managed to beat Seven News, which received the nighttime with 1.013m metro visitors and 1.580m total. Nine News had 838,000 inside the towns and 1.117m in total.

The ABC’s maximum-watched program turned into additionally its information imparting, with 648,000 (988 nationally).

Due to the achievement of Married at First Sight, Nine scraped a win for its number one channel, accounting for 21.Nine% of the metro audience. Seven’s number one channel was near in the back of 21.7%.

However, with the addition of multi-channel, Seven took out the win, with 29.1% for the network. Nine Network had 28.9%.

Ten’s number one channel managed to beat the ABC, with 13.7% and 10.4% respectively, even as Network Ten had 19.2% compared to ABC’s 15.Three%.

SBS had 5.Zero% for the night, and a community percentage of 7.5%.
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