Holidays can educate us many stuff – approximately a vacation spot, approximately different humans, and approximately ourselves

United Sagapolutele

Traveling abroad can educate you on many things, particularly traveling in your personal. I became fortunate sufficient to journey lately to considered one of my dream destinations – Seoul, South Korea. Before this ride, I had in no way traveled on my own, and it changed into certainly one among my fears. So I decided to close minute to tour and face my worry head-on.

What Travel Has Taught Me: Ufitia Sagapolutele 1

Out of all my trips, this one surely became the fine and maximum reawakening I had skilled. I discovered that despite traveling to a foreign country in which they speak minimum English, I changed into capable of speaking via body language and via a frequent language – track.

Yes, if you are wondering, I am one of these folks who experience K-Pop and appreciate Korean pop culture. Although there has been a large language barrier, I became capable of making new pals via our shared love for song and dance.

I learned a big difference between the Korean and western ways of life, such as hierarchy whilst talking to those who are older and more youthful than you. I also discovered how Korean people are so typing and respectful, making me appreciate them even more. Being capable of triumphing over one in every one of my fears via visiting overseas by myself changed into actually an accomplishment and one I am simply pleased with.

If you’re trying to travel to Seoul, mainly using yourself, I would recommend a few matters:

• Learn fundamental Korean such as howdy (annyeong haseyo), thanks (gamsahamnida), goodbye (annyeonghi geese), and bow as a sign of courtesy when announcing these things.

• In the short-paced world we stay in, apps are convenient and make lifestyles so much less complicated. Download Naver Map and/or Kakao Map. I swear these apps stored my life visiting around Seoul and that they even paintings offline, which became first-rate. I would also suggest downloading a translation app for times while talking with a person who may not understand what you are pronouncing.

• Take a transportable charger. I made certain I had this on me 24/7 because there is nothing worse than being stranded someplace and now not having a telephone to help you get returned to where you are staying.

• Make positive to have cash and a creditor journey card on you. You by no means recognize when you can need one or the other. It’s better to have both alternatives instead of simply one.

• Purchase a Timoney card. It’s basically an ATHop card but is used for more matters inclusive of the bus, teach, taxi and can also buy other things in numerous locations within Seoul. It stored me plenty of cash after I used public shipping, and that they have an excellent public delivery device ever.

I had a loopy experience arriving in Seoul – behind schedule flight, unable to speak, no internet, misplaced trying to find my homestay, and spraining my ankle all on the primary day. So it turned into loopy, and at that factor, I turned geared up to leap on an aircraft lower back to Aotearoa.

But I became capable of persevering and thru this revel in, and I found out to end up greater resilient and realized that I am a strong and effective wahine.

Suppose you have ever desired to tour to find out greater about yourself but have been too afraid to do so. Just do it and do so wholeheartedly! I’ll be cheering you on.

United Sagapolutele is a choreographer and dancer, debuting her new work TRIP on June 14 at Mangere Arts Centre as a part of the 2019 Pacific Dance Festival. Tickets are available now from Eventfinda.