Post-apocalyptic Oregon acts because the placement of Days Gone and the sport’s open world is a wonder. Split into six unique regions peppered with tale missions, sidequests, and survivor duties; there is much to do and many locations to move to.

However, with the arena being so big, you may wonder whether there’s a faster way to make it from point A to factor B.

While driving places to your motorcycle is sincerely thrilling, it’s also time-consuming and places you at threat from Freaker assaults and marauder ambushes.


Thankfully, a quick travel alternative exists in the sport, allowing you to, without delay, a journey from one checkpoint to another.

You can easily travel to certain areas, particularly camps and cleared-out ambush camps. However, due to the wide variety of ambush camps in every region, you’ll discover that you could fast-tour almost every corner of the map.

How to Clear Infestations to Fast Travel in Days Gone

Before you wish for speedy travel to a place, you should first clean all the infestation zones that stand between you and your vacation spot.

Infestation zones are too risky to journey via, given the number of Freakers congregating in these areas rapidly; however, clearing their nests makes the roads safer and unlocks the fast journey choice.

Nests can be destroyed with fire (Molotov cocktails paintings are great), and after you’ve cleared them all in a given location, you’ll be able to open the map, select an ambush/survivor camp, and press square to fast-travel there.

However, there are conditions. To apply the short travel feature, you need to meet several requirements.

Days Gone Fast Travel Tips

Fuel Up

As we alluded to initially, your motorbike needs to have sufficient gas to travel to a vicinity rapidly.

Even though you aren’t physically using yourself at your vacation spot, traveling around the world will drain your motorbike’s gasoline tank.

It’s critical to consider ways an awful lot as you’ll use traveling to every location, and this could be mentioned within the fee of each adventure when you choose which camp you want to travel to.

One of the most unusual mistakes first-year students make is journeying to ways across the map, which is the most effective way to discover yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere and not using gas. So make sure you propose your trips for that reason earlier than your rapid travel everywhere!

No Fighting

You’ll also be banned from using fast journeys at some point in combat or when enemies know you. Thus, you cannot avoid an irritated Freaker horde by seeking to fast travel to a more secure region. If you’re having trouble with hordes, look at our available horde guide here.

Fast travel is necessary inside Days Gone’s largely open global, so make certain you utilize it sensibly!

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