The premium streaming platform WOW Presents Plus has released a new trailer for Werq the World, which follows many legendary RuPaul’s Drag Race alums as they journey across Europe on the Werq the World excursion.

Each episode of the docuseries specializes in a distinct performer: Alyssa Edwards, Aquaria, Detox, Kennedy Davenport, Kim Chi, Latrice Royale, Shangela, Sharon Needles, Valentina, and Violet Chachki.

Werq the World gives “an unprecedented backstage skip and intimate check out the global phenomenon of drag,” in line with a press release because the queens “proportion their very own non-public trips and unveil the truths about drag lifestyles. On tour.”

“We are the largest and fiercest excursion starring drag queens inside the international,” Latrice says within the trailer.

“We are at the height of drag,” Violet provides, “and we’re going that allows you to look returned on this and be like, ’This is the best shit!’”

The 10-episode docu-series, directed by Jasper Rischen, is executive-produced via World of Wonder duo Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey.

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