Annapurna Interactive dropped a new trailer today to announce that Outer Wilds, an interesting sci-fi exploration tenting journey that received the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2015 IGF Awards (in a completely early generation, obviously), will be out on May 30.


Outer Wilds (no longer confused with Obsidian’s sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds, even though I frequently do) strikes me as a mixture of Firewatch and No Man’s Sky with elements of Kentucky Route Zero and The Long Journey Home thrown in for a taste. This is a chunk of a sideways admission that I don’t know what to make of it, but I think it seems potentially superb, and I’m happy that the put-off out of 2018 isn’t too extraordinarily lengthy.

One of the most interesting matters about Outer Wilds is that it trades breadth for depth in the noticeably confined confines of a “handcrafted” single solar system. With any luck, that will pass a long manner in the direction of the “locations to head, nothing to do” trouble, which can plague huge games that rely upon repeating structures or procedural generation to bulk themselves out. As Phil stated in his preview in advance this year, “This isn’t some extensive, procedurally generated universe. The handful of hand-made planets ensures that you’ll find something anywhere you land, even supposing it’s just a weird rock.”

Annapurna introduced earlier this month that Outer Wilds might be an Epic Store-specific at release.

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