Today, over 50 businesses and individuals from Kilkenny attended Fáilte Ireland’s Taste the Island workshop at the Newpark Hotel.

This is part of a series of workshops taking place throughout Ireland over the following weeks to expand a robust program of food and drink experiences that may be included in the Taste the Island initiative.

The workshops had been organized by way of Fáilte Ireland for the enterprise to analyze greater and offer them the possibility to shape the improvement of a program. Fáilte Ireland has produced some promotional movies for the workshops that can be considered HERE.

Globally, Ireland has a colorful tradition of green fields and pristine waters collectively with slightly moist weather, which offers us bountiful, sustainable, and extraordinary food produce. To enhance this reputation and an extra reputation for Ireland in 2020 and the past, a new all-island initiative – ‘Taste the Island – a celebration of Ireland’s food and drink’ has been advanced using Fáilte Ireland, in collaboration with Tourism Ireland, Tourism Northern Ireland, and more than a few stakeholders.

The new initiative, Taste the Island, will show off Ireland’s international-class food and drinks way of life throughout the Island of Ireland from September to November by offering traffic the right of entry to genuine food and drinks stories, excessive-quality local components, and global elegance Irish food and drinks produce.

In 2018, food and drinks intake accounted for around €2.6bn, or 35% of traveler spending, and this expensive program will create attention and renewed appreciation at home and abroad of the energy and richness of Ireland’s meal tradition today.

Above: Ann Phelan – Marketing Manager – Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel, Brendan Murray, and Tracey Coughlan, Fáilte Ireland

Commenting at the workshop within the Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny, Tracey Coughlan, Fáilte Ireland’s Food Tourism – Strategy and Programmes Manager, commented: “The range and exceptional of food and drinks corporations and reports from Kilkenny that we met on the workshop right here within the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny these days are without a doubt world magnificence and can power lots of extra tourists to this place. We know that there may be scope for growth around food and drink for travelers, and aligned with our global-famous seascapes and landscapes, we have an exceptionally robust presentation to motivate vacationers to visit here.

Taste the Island is designed to exhibit Ireland’s excellent food and drink across September, October, and November. I look forward to seeing a few robust ideas pop out of today’s workshop. What’s undoubtedly important now is that humans submit their proposals outlining what they may do for Taste the Island for what’s shaping up to be a chock-full season of meals, festivals, and events, all showcasing our international-class produce.