The U.S. Embassy in Nairobi said it will not issue visas to Kenyans who do not have the new e-passports.

A summit at the embassy’s Facebook page said, “All travelers to the United States from Kenya have to have a legitimate passport for at least six months from the date of entry. Therefore, U.S. Embassy Nairobi can not place U.S. Visas within the formerly issued non-virtual passport expiring August 31, 2019.”

Kenyans with out e-passport won't get US visa 1

Kenya will update old passports with the brand new East Africa passport, with the deadline for replacement being August 31.

The closing date becomes prolonged from March 1 following bad uptake.

The e-passport was released in 2017.

The U.S. embassy said visa candidates could make an appointment to use their old Kenyan passport but need a new e-passport before the visa can be issued.

“Travellers with a legitimate U.S. Visa may additionally tour with their modern visa in the vintage passport but should also have a brand new e-passport for access. It is not vital to use for a new visa,” the embassy stated.

Last 12 months, Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua urged public servants to use the e-passport.

He stated international travel clearances for public servants, whether not official or non-public, might be granted to those with e-passports.

“Where a public servant does now not have an e-passport by using March 1, 2019, they may be ineligible for clearance until after September 1, 2019,” examine the round circulated with the aid of Kinyua.

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