About three years in the past, Peak DMC, Intrepid Group’s vacation spot control corporation, set itself a goal of doubling its number of woman courses.

“As a commercial enterprise, we honestly found out that we had a problem in phrases of gender equality in our tour courses. Basically, we began to assignment ourselves 3 years ago and concept approximately, OK, are we definitely doing the right element?” Zina Bencheikh, nearby widespread supervisor Europe, Middle East, and North Africa at Peak DMC, informed attendees on Tuesday at Skift Forum Europe.

What Morocco’s First Female Mountain Guide Can Teach the Travel Industry 1

Eventually, the business enterprise pulled itself as much as 50-50 throughout Bencheikh’s areas. Still, it proved to be a huge undertaking, especially in a rustic like Morocco, where few girls work inside the region.

Bencheikh and Peak DMC labored difficult to lobby the Moroccan authorities to understand the importance of getting more female courses certified, no longer least as it made appropriate business experience.

Bencheikh estimates that more than sixty-five percent of travelers coming to Morocco are women, and many need to head on lady-only excursions. In her frustration, she was tempted to send vacationers to other components of the arena.

“We get a lot of requests for woman-simplest excursions… I literally stated to them [the Moroccan government] need to I ship them [tourists] to India, due to the fact in India in our DMC absolutely we had 60 woman tour guides, they’re now not licensed so it’s a one-of-a-kind manner of working,” Bencheikh stated.

“I become showing them articles in the newspapers…approximately the success story of India, and I changed into like, don’t you want to copy this in Morocco?”

Part of Bencheikh’s plan changed into to bring forth board a number of the few woman tour guides already operating in Morocco. She or he controlled to contact Hafida Hdoubane, who now works at Peak DMC and changed into also speakme at Skift Forum Europe.

Double has trekked Mount Toubkal, the very best height in North Africa, in many instances, led loads of excursion agencies throughout the area, and now even runs girls’ day trip tours in Morocco, a full-on adventurous excursion, just for ladies.

Double, who has worked within the quarter because 1994, observed the sexism she encountered training to be a guide and how her father “driven us [her sisters] to be equal to guys.”

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