In May 2019, the metropolis of Statesville, N.C., filed for a court injunction to force Camping World to do away with an American flag from their local branch.

What’s True

In May 2019, the city of Statesville, NC, issued an injunction that could pressure Camping World and associated corporations to comply with town ordinances by either removing a massive American flag from one of their places or replacing it with one that was in compliance with size guidelines.

What’s False

A Camping World Facebook post ignored vital contextual records, which include: the injunction could allow the enterprise to replace the existing flag with a smaller one measuring up to 1,000 square feet; the town had already given the employer an allowance for an American flag of that size; and the metropolis had already voted to change its ordinance to permit flags ten times larger than before.

In May 2019, numerous reports and posts on social media claimed that the metropolis of Statesville, NC, had taken prison motion in opposition to a camping and outside retailer geared toward preventing them from flying the U.S. Flag outdoors in their local shop.

The put-up is related to a Change.Org petition inviting readers to join and express their aid for the agency’s stance on the flag. As of 21 May, that petition had attracted more than 000 signatures.

The petition became boosted on Twitter by Marcus Lemonis, the arguably CEO of Camping World, who wrote: “I will no longer budge … I will no longer compromise … I will not take the flag down”:

In May 2019, the town of Statesville did indeed practice for a courtroom injunction that, if ordered, might force Camping World and associated corporations to eliminate or replace an American flag from their place at Moreland Drive in Statesville and could impose fines of $50 according to day — stretching again to October 2018 — till Camping World rectified the situation.

However, the descriptions of the talk published with the aid of Camping World on Facebook and Change.Org have been woefully incomplete and consequently probably be extraordinarily misleading because they failed to say the subsequent fairly applicable info from what is now a 4-yr war among metropolis officials and the Illinois-primarily based enterprise:

Statesville is no longer suing Camping World to save them from erecting all U.S. Flags, instead of the most effective one whose massive size becomes in violation of a neighborhood metropolis ordinance. The injunction could permit the organization to update the present flag with a smaller version, measuring at least one 000 square feet.
The city of Statesville had formerly agreed to change a nearby ordinance to increase, by 10, the maximum dimensions of a governmental flag allowed doors to a commercial enterprise within the city.
The metropolis of Statesville had already permitted Camping World to fly a 25-via-forty-foot (1,000 rectangular feet) American flag outdoors in their Moreland Drive area.


Beginning in 2014, Section 6.07 of the town of Statesville’s Unified Development Code (UDC) had said that governmental flags (together with the Stars and Stripes) flown out of doors of local organizations might be no larger than eight toes high and 12 toes huge (96 square feet) and passed on a flagpole no taller than 40 ft.

In June 2015, Camping World applied a variance (corresponding to an exemption) to Section 6.07 to allow the organization to fly an American flag measuring 40 toes high and 80 extensive toes (three two hundred rectangular toes) on a hundred thirty-foot flagpoles. In August 2015, the Statesville Board of Adjustment denied the software for a variance.

Three years later, in June 2018, Statesville City Council voted to exchange Section 6.07 of the UDC to allow American flags 25 feet high and 40 feet wide (1,000 rectangular ft) with a flagpole no taller than a hundred thirty feet. Shortly after, Camping World applied for and granted a permit to erect such an American flag on the Moreland Drive place of Gander Outdoors.