Craft brewer SAMPLE Brew has long passed into administration. Insolvency company Rodgers Reid (RR) is seeking expressions of interest in buying the commercial enterprise.

SAMPLE was launched in 2014 and offered four beers: a faded ale, gold ale, lager, and three/four IPAs.

In late 2017, the commercial enterprise announced plans to grow to be one of the first Australian organizations to undertake equity crowdfunding, partnering with Birchall.

Its prospectus on Birchall’s web page says the commercial enterprise changed into based for “rapid, multiplied growth thru a 4-tier strategy of superior manufacturing, income, advertising, and emblem revel in”.

Birchall said it would be had in more than 500 bars, pubs, restaurants, and bottle shops, with countrywide distribution channels.

RR says SAMPLE’s annual turnover is around $2.6 million.

Independent Brewers Association chair Jamie Cook told Food & Drink Business that the enterprise is developing, so you can expect to see “a herbal bell curve of enterprise success inside the quarter now.

“There are 600 craft brewers in Australia that account for approximately six percent of the complete beer-drinking marketplace. But that’s developing 25 consistent with cent yr on 12 months,” Cook says.

He says changing attitudes are driving that achievement. “Consumers have a much more potent preference for extra non-public relationships with manufacturers, more authenticity in products with a variety of flavors, and feeling linked with local brewers.”

There are many reasons a brewery should fail, but Cook says a few buyers see the growth figures and are fooled into questioning whether they’ll get a brief return on their funding.

Investors should no longer assume a go-back for at least five years. “It’s not easy money. When you component in that sectoral boom fee, if you are going to be successful, you need to grow fast and properly, requiring extra capital and greater investment. The go back on that takes time.”

FD&B approached some SAMPLE and non-executive administrators; however, none replied by press time.

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