Check out this list of youngsters’ books you may take along on your holiday to keep the children busy!
Pishi and Me with the aid of Timira Gupta, illustrated by using Rajiv Eipe (Age: four+)

Chuck comes again from his walks with his aunt, with pockets full of treasures and memories. Narrated from a toddler’s attitude, the story is set in Chuck’s relationship with his aunt. Publisher: Pratham Books

Summer vacation: 11 youngsters' books to appearance up 1
The Weightlifting Princess using Sowmya Rajendran illustrated via Debasmita Dasgupta (Age: 4+)

Princess Nila desires to win her state’s weightlifting contest, the Surya Championship; however, earlier than that, there are barriers she must conquer, including a good-looking prince and her mother and father’s expectations. Read it on Pratham Books’ Storyweaver.Org.In.The Jungle Radio: Bird Songs of India using Devangana Dash (Age: 4+)

Introduce your toddler to the Jungle radio in this delightfully illustrated book – the woodpecker’s drums, hornbill’s trumpet, and kingfisher’s blues. Publisher: Puffin India

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