A LEADING airline has agreed to sell off any cities that allow uncooked sewage into the ocean.

British holiday company Jet2 has shown to the Olive Press that this could begin with Nerja, which previously indexed the city’s Burriana seaside as an excellent vicinity to visit.

seaIt comes after fecal microorganisms changed into finding at each Burriana and close by Torrecilla seashore, which the Journey large had indexed on its website as among its ‘things to do in Nerja.

“We will no longer promote’ the seashore’ until the problem is resolved,” a Jet2 spokesman stated this week.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ve removed any advice on the affected beaches from our website.

“Once matters are looked after close to the sewage, we can endorse the seashores once more.”

We contacted the main UK operators and airlines after the Guardia Civil uncovered outflow pipes pumping untreated human waste into the sea at 40m depth.

Sewage clumps containing feces, wet wipes, sanitary towels, and plastic and measuring meters in duration have additionally been spotted on the ocean floor.

A general of 16 officials was questioned through the Guardia Civil. However, the Andalucian Government has been blamed for no longer offering a treatment plant.

The Institute of Toxicology in Sevilla has also analyzed water samples and concluded that fecal bacteria pose a danger of gastroenteritis, pores, and skin infections.

The Olive Press also contacted the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), representing 1,2 hundred journey firms and troubles recommendations to British holidaymakers.

“The Spanish authorities have suggested to ABTA that a normal professional analysis of the water fine around the Costa del Sol be carried out,” a spokesperson stated.

“They informed us that the most recent results found that the seawater around the seashores of the Eastern Costa del Sol, including Nerja, is excellently satisfied.

“We have no longer obtained any additional updates indicating that the water great around Nerja has deteriorated.”

Meanwhile, one British holidaymaker advised the Olive Press he’s going to ‘now not go back to the place over fears he may agreement’ hepatitis.’

Neil Robson, seventy-two, from Yorkshire, has been swimming at Burriana Beach 3 times a day on his summer holidays for 27 years.

“It’s a daft state of affairs and indicates a total arrogance for the people who go on an excursion in Nerja,” stated the dad-of-3 who first visited the vicinity in 1992.

The retired former income rep introduced: “My son, a doctor, stated, ‘Dad does not go in the water; you’re a huge idiot if you do, you’ll get hepatitis.’

“I won’t come again until the treatment plant is up and jogging; I made buddies with the humans there, so I’m upset.

“There are feathers, sanitary towels, and what looks like feces inside the sea, so I feel extraordinarily lucky.

“I haven’t decided what to do, but I may move somewhere else in Spain or perhaps France.”

A sewage remedy plant changed into under-production in 2014 but stalled due to economic problems.

Nerja Town Hall declined to comment on or update us on modern-day sewage treatment plans.

Other package holiday corporations, TUI and Thomas Cook, which sell the affected beaches on their websites, have been asked to comment on the scenario.