I love NFL; we all do; whenever an NFL game happens, my friends and Iare quick to tune in. But why do we adore the NFL, exactly? Why do we spend our valuable time playing a game? The reason is simple: Some of the world’s top athletes call the NFL home. The fact that their skill sets differ so greatly from player to player and position to position is even more astounding. Wide receivers can cover 40 yards in under four seconds, while linemen can lift 250 pounds thirty or more times.

So, this time, we will be talking about 2022 NFL stats, which will be updated; we will also talk about 2022 NFL player stats and some general football statistics, so let us get started.

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Updated NFL stats

So, talking about the latest NFL stats today on the Chicago Bears vs. the Seattle Seahawks, the Seahawks tried their best to catch up to the Bears, but they fell short on the scoreboard in the final. However, they did gain more total yards compared to the Bears, but we all know how good of a team the Bears are; it is not hard to leave them behind on the scoreboard.

If we talk about other NFL football stats, the Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots, then according to the scoreboard, the Patriots performed much better than the panther, as they had a score twice that of the Panthers. What was particularly noticed was that people described the defense of the Patriots as immovable, resulting in the Panthers getting limited to only 57 rushing yards.

The same thing was observed when the match between the New Orleans Saints and vs. green bay packers occurred. The Packers were at least twice as much better on the scoreboard than the Saints. It was seen that the Packers outgained the Saints in total yards, as the Packers got about 289 yards, and the Saints were limited to only 246 yards.

The match between Houston Texans and the Los angles Rams was very close. The final score between the two teams was barely 4 points apart. The Texans were at 24, and the Rams were at 20. So the points speak for themselves on how close it was and how thrilling it would have been to experience it on live TV.

NFL Statistics

Now, there have been some general updates regarding the 2022 NFL game; there is news about the team and a piece of information about the overall functioning of the games.

So, the latest NFL football statistics show that NFL teams decided to establish a new system for overtime regulations in the postseason that ensures each team has possession during the 2022 NFL Annual Meeting. This change modified the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles’ club proposal.

The NFL’s analytics staff studied a range of indicators to better understand the background and future of alternative formats to support discussions on time. Here are some of the key findings.

NFL player stats

Before we directly jump in and start discussing the top player stats, let us first discuss some important stats for the game. So, let us get started.


Offensive yards per carry, offensive yards per attempt, and offensive starting positions are the three most important yardage statistics to look at when assessing the likelihood of scoring points.

Turnover margin

This number may rely heavily on luck, but it’s still significant because it can reveal which teams’ odds may be excessively high. Turnovers are crucial because they frequently determine whether a team wins or loses a game.

Possession Period

The statistic on time of possession is all about power. It’s an incredibly accurate measure of how well the offensive team is in charge of the game, which implies they won’t be pressing their defense too hard early on and will have plenty of energy later on. It’s not the only statistic that matters. Still, it merits consideration as long as you know that larger leads will result in a long time in possession, making this statistic less significant as the information grows.

Now talking about the top players, it is not difficult to guess who it is, but I still want you to take a guess. If you want a hint, I will tell you one: he plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team, which might not be as popular as a team, but he has probably the best player ever.

Okay, so if you haven’t guessed it, let me say it’s Tom Brady. Now it is impossible, in any way, that you have not heard the name Tom Brady unless you are living under a rock. Tom Brady is such s legend that even after months of announcing his retirement from the game, he is still at the top of the chart.

Tom Brady is still at the top of the Passing yards list at 5,316 PYDS. A Humungous number. Well, I am not expecting anyone to pass Brady on this list for some time now. Another list on which Brady is at the top is in passing touchdowns; Brady has about 43 PTDs.

Now, after the retirement of these legends, there are some other players you should be watching: Jonathan Taylor and Cooper Kupp. Jonathan is on the top in the list of rushing yards, and in the list of rushing touchdowns, Jonathan Taylor is again on the top. Cooper Kupp is among those leading the board in receiving yards and touchdowns.

So, we have a lot of upcoming players who are on their way to surpassing the football legends, they have grown up watching like Tom Brady, but legends like Tom Brady will always be remembered for the way they stayed at the top and did not let age become a factor in slowing their progress.

If we look at the game’s future, it will be very interesting to see how it will evolve without players like Tom Brady. Also, we know that Brady is one of the players known for retiring and coming back, so we might see one of these surprises next year when the 2023 season arrives. So let us know what happens!