Blue Martini Recipe is a cocktail that consists of vodka, crème de cassis, and a dash of vermouth. These ingredients are combined in a shaker and then served on the rocks. In this way, the drink is called a Blue Martini. The cocktail is sweet, and it has a very fruity taste. Are you looking for a simple drink recipe for summer? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This Blue Martini recipe will help you make the perfect drink.

Blue Martini

Blue martinis are a cocktail made from gin and, often, vodka. It’s also sometimes called a blue blossom. But before you go off drinking blue martinis all summer long, we should point out that this recipe is a bit more complicated than just pouring two different types of alcohol into a shaker. I recommend using a mixology book and following the recipe to the letter.

Here is a blue martini recipe I have used for years in my office and home. It’s an excellent and simple recipe combining quality ingredients to give you a relaxing drink. It’s also one of those drinks where you can create many different recipes to suit your taste and what else you might be drinking. For example, you could try using dry vermouth instead of sweet vermouth. Or you could use triple sec or Campari instead of lemon juice.

What is a blue martini?

Blue martinis are a cocktail made from gin and, often, vodka. The name comes from the flower that the cocktail was created from. It’s also sometimes called a blue blossom. In the early 1900s, when men worked outside and women were expected to stay home, women would go out dancing in the evenings. They would wear white dresses and red lipstick. And they would drink blue cocktails. The men, meanwhile, would drink green drinks, and the ladies would drink red cocktails. The name stuck, and the blue cocktail became a popular cocktail.

The History Of The Blue Martini

I made my first blue martini using vodka when I started making cocktails. This turned out to be a bad idea. I wasn’t happy with the drink’s color, and I wouldn’t say I loved how it tasted. I soon realized that the blue color comes from the blue curacao. Since it’s a liqueur, it doesn’t have any alcohol. Blue Curacao is a natural blue color, so it’s not dyed. To get the exact blue color, mix the curacao with vodka. You can find blue curacao at most supermarkets. Some specialty liquor stores may have a better selection. While blue curacao is usually sold as a mix with vodka, you can buy a bottle of curacao on its own. You can also find blue curacao at specialty markets.

How to make a blue martini?

This is a simple recipe that’s easy to make at home. To make a blue martini, you’ll need the following:

• 1 oz of gin (I prefer Tanqueray)

• 1 oz of vodka

• 1 oz of blue Curacao

• 2 oz of cranberry juice (you can use fresh or canned)

• two dashes of lemon juice

Mix all ingredients. Serve in a chilled martini glass.

Where can I get a blue martini drink?

In this article, you’ll discover the origin of the blue martini, how to make a blue martini drink, and where to find it. Blue martinis are named after a famous actress who was often photographed wearing a blue dress. While it may seem modern, the blue martini was invented in the 1920s by a bartender named Harry MacElhone. MacElhone created a drink called The Blue Blazer and served it at his bar, the Savoy Hotel in London. The Blue Blazer was a combination of gin, vermouth, and Campari. It was a hit with Hollywood stars, and the Blue Blazer became a popular drink worldwide. In the United States, blue martinis were served at the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York.

How To Mix A Blue Martini?

The best thing about blue martinis is that they’re simple to make, but you can still enjoy the taste of premium gin and vodka. To make a blue martini, you’ll need to mix gin, vodka, and a little sugar. You’ll also need to add a dash of lemon juice and a blue curaçao. Once you’ve combined all of these ingredients, you’ll want to chill the drink. You can do this by adding ice to a glass and shaking the glass.

To make a white martini, you’ll use the same ingredients as you would with a blue martini, but instead of adding blue curaçao, you’ll add triple sec. Triple sec is a sweet liqueur that’s made from citrus. The triple sec flavor is similar to orange juice, so it’s the perfect substitute for blue curaçao. Triple sec will add a sweetness to the drink that makes it feel more like a cocktail than a drink meant to be sipped.

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Myths about Blue Martini

1. Blue Martini has the worst quality alcohol.

2. Blue Martini is a “diet” drink.

3. Blue Martini is not a full-flavored alcoholic beverage.


The Blue Martini is a popular gin, lemon juice, and sugar cocktail. If you want to make it yourself, you’ll need a few things. You’ll need a shaker and a martini glass, but most importantly,y you’ll need some blue curaçao. The blue curaçao is a liqueur that’s often used in cocktails. It has a rich color and a unique flavor. While there are several brands of blue curaçao, the most popular brand is Cointreau. To make the blue martini, add the ingredients to the shaker. Shake it up well and pour it into your martini glass. This is a very refreshing drink and makes a great cocktail recipe for summertime.