Balmy weather, blue skies, and spring blooms — now not to mention easygoing flat terrain — are attracting brisk brigades of walkers, runners, and cyclists to river park trails across Tucson this month.

The Chuck Huckleberry Loop trail system, with about thirty miles of trails around Tucson and surrounding regions, gives some routes inside the city’s coronary heart and others with a non-urban environment.

There are so many trails that they’re in no way truly crowded. But in recent weeks, some extra popular routes have visible steady visitors.

Walkers, runners and cyclists flock to river park trails 1

Among the ones getting masses of use are trails alongside the Rillito River and Pantano Wash.

A stroll someday this week alongside a phase of the Pantano River Park Trail east of North Craycroft Road offered plenty of possibilities to change greetings with passing walkers, cyclists, and runners.

Likely motives for the weighty use of the trail consist of the uncommonly cool climate for past due May and trailside scenery enhanced with the aid of the greenery and blooms of spring.

Several massive, leafy bushes close to the Pantano Wash streambed — likely flourishing thanks to water from occasional flows within the wash — body views of the Catalina Mountains.

Elsewhere alongside the trail, paloverde timber with remarkable yellow blooms upload splashes of shade to the panorama.

Here and there, overdue-blooming yellow wildflowers trap the attention.



“How are you doing?”

Beautiful day!”

So go the necessarily brief path greetings as people pass briskly — or hastily — depending on their mode of travel.

Even though the trails provide easy terrain, it’s crucial to be organized even for a fairly quick walk or ride.

Carry more water than you count on to need — either in a small backpack or a water bottle holder on a belt.

Use sun protection — sunscreen, a hat, and possibly lengthy sleeves depending on the time of day and the period you’ll be on the trail.

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